How The Advertising Industry Has Caused And Increase In Eating Disorders

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The advertising industry has caused a dramatic increase in eating disorders among young males and females as a result of the unrealistic and unobtainable body images they portray in their advertisements. “Eating disorders are a group of serious conditions in which you are so preoccupied with food and weight that you can often focus on little else” (MAYO Clinic). Eating disorders can be serious and life treating, the treatment and diagnosis of anorexia and bulimia nervosa vary in the cause and effect on the development of the disorder.
Eating disorders are mainly used to help control feelings and emotions that can be overwhelming. People with eating disorders use food to cope and control their life, which can be life threating and damage a patient’s life physically and emotionally. (NEDA-Feeding Hope) Eating disorders can affect all races, classes, and ages, whites are mostly affected from the middle to upper class. Over eight million people suffer from eating disorders, with ninety percent being females. (Burby) Eating disorders can effect just as many males as it does females due to the media. (MAYO Clinic) There are many causes of eating disorders, which are related to the patient’s individual long standing factors. The factors that can be related are the person’s behavioral, cultural, biological, interpersonal, social, emotional, and psychological factors. (NEDA-Feeding Hope) A person can develop a eating disorders due to the social media and the impact they make on women’s body image.
When identify a eating disorder Body Dimorphic disorder is often associated with eating disorders. Body Dimorphic disorder is associated with eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia because people tend to have an obsession with certain parts of their body. The patient will only view their body with a distorted image, which is caused by social and psychological factors. Eating disorders can be identified physically and a patient’s personality can change. A person can develop a eating disorder due to sports. A common disorder that affects female athletes is known as “Female Athlete Triad”, which can lead to eating disorders. Young athletes do excessive exercise to keep their slim figure to maintain a muscular shape with less accumulation of fatty tissues, to keep their completive edge. Male athlete’s such as wrestlers use a method called “weight-cutting”, for rapid weight loss. For rapid weight loos an athlete will use laxatives, diuretics, food restrictions and fluid restriction to stay in completion classes. Which can lead t below normal body weight. Personality and behavioral traits can be similar with people that have eating disorders. A person can have signs of dependency, low self-esteem, and self-direction. There are multiple disorders that are associated with eating disorders. A person with an eating disorder can show signs of having a personality of a perfectionist, and can be sensitive to failure and criticism, which is...

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