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Eating Disorders Amongst Teenagers Essay

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Eating disorders amongst teenagers

The initial step I took in my search for books on my topic was by writing into Deakin library home page search engine: ‘eating disorders teenagers.’ I was then able to narrow down the results by clicking onto the books only selection on the left hand side of the page. As I was searching from home, I clicked on the Internet option over the physical book. By clicking onto the Ebook Library (owned titles) under the ‘status’ category, it opened up another window directing me to Deakin library’s login services. After typing my username and password in, I was able to view the full record of the book. By clicking onto the contents category at the top of the ...view middle of the document...

Fortunately, a student had already asked a similar if not the same question as mine and that was where I was able to start off. For the site found via a subject directory, I used Yahoo directory, as that was where I was most accustomed. Once I was on the Yahoo directory, I came upon different categories and clicked onto the health category. Following the health category came sub categories of which I clicked onto the option of childhood obesity. Once I had done as such, I was given results for many websites regarding eating disorders. By clicking onto the second result, I obtained my first website. I then successfully took a screenshot of the first page. For my final search, the search via advanced search in Google for a website, I literally typed in Google advanced search into Google. Following this, I then typed ‘eating disorders amongst teenagers’ into the search box of ‘all these words.’ For narrowing down my search, I had chosen English for the language and Australia for the region. The first result provided was the website I chose.

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