Eating Disorders: The Problem That Has Been Underestimated And Ignored

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Did you know “a study showed that women experience an average of 13 negative thoughts about their body each day, while 97% of women admit to having at least one “I hate my body” moment each day” (Media Influence)? The internet, magazines, and television all contribute to the social standards of how women are supposed to look in today’s world. The Headquarters for fashion is located in New York City. Keeping quiet about their models, they hide their requirements for each girl. America and its Fashion Industry are destroying women, and the image of beauty.
Even the most prestigious of women have lost their battle with Anorexia, proving how terrible this issue is world-wide. French model ...view middle of the document...

Only a year after her sister, 18-year-old Eliana Ramos was found at her Grandmother and Grandfather’s house dead. Her cause of death was “a heart attack linked to malnutrition” (Rodenbough).
Industries responded with new regulations and many altered requirements. One of many places did not change their regulations and that is New York City.
International cities have raised the Body Mass Index (BMI) requirements of models, and some even ask for a complete physical of the girls, just to ensure that they are healthy enough to take on a job of strutting down runways all hours of the day.
More problems arise. Pro-ana and Pro-mia websites entice the younger audience, whether they have a disorder or not.
Founder of Eating Disorder Awareness, Johanna Kandel, states that she has read stories of people with anorexia to help feed her battle with the disease. She now sees that people do the same things on pro-ana websites. “Pro-ana” means in favor of Anorexia. “Pro-mia” means the same with just Bulimia. These websites, Kandel mentions, promote and encourage eating disorders and explains how to start them. "It's making it a lot more accessible, not only to get tips ... they actually get supported by one another to become more engrossed in their eating disorder,” said Kandel” (Cottle). Kandel does believe a person with Anorexia can recover. "Although you feel [you] cannot recover, you absolutely can and you deserve to," said Kandel (Cottle).
These websites play a big part into the girl’s emotions, thoughts, and actions. Doctors are attracted to these websites because they can study and learn more things about this disease. “A new study that looked at 180 active pro-ana and pro-mia sites found convoluted messages of alluring emotional support and deadly advice” (Cottle). A majority of websites have suggested that girls without disorders, to start starving themselves, but the other one-third did not.
Interested in these sites are Teenagers. Attracting these kids, they find it exciting to try an eating disorder because it may seem like an easy way out of getting “fat”.
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