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Majority of the students in our study are consuming fast food more than recommended by nutritionist: at least once a month (Weil, 2014). Based on the comments made by respondents, the proliferation of fast food outlets has provided much convenience for students especially those with time constraints in university, whereby they are becoming more reliant on these quick-serving foods compared to a proper healthy meal. In addition, as a student ourselves with tight monthly budgets, we tend to find something that is worth it, in this case the price of fast foods compliments the delicious taste.
An interesting finding from our survey is that the number of students who claimed their ...view middle of the document...

A study shows fast food consumers may underestimate their calorie intake up to thirty-six percent, which may explain why their unwillingness to exercise (Block et al., 2013).


This study about the relationship between UBD students’ eating habits and the proliferation of fast food outlets in the last five years has highlighted three main findings:  majority of the students’ intake of fast foods are more than nutritionists recommended, whereby the time and convenience of fast foods play an important role in their choice of consuming fast foods and the eating habits of the female students in the last five years were claimed to have changed. A link to the obesity issue can be seen by the frequent high sugar and salt intake of fast food and without much awareness or exercise being done in getting a healthy lifestyle.


Nutritionists have always highly emphasised the importance of having a healthy lifestyle. This includes exercising regularly, dietary modification and mental strength. A complete guideline that can be implemented is already being published under the “American Heart Association 2006 Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations” (“The American Heart Association's diet and lifestyle recommendations”, 2014). Although being healthy is the individual’s responsibility, government sectors like Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health plays an important role of delivering awareness especially to parents as they are the one preparing the meal and educating their children on how to eat right. As mentioned in the Bulletin of the World Health Organisation (WHO), obesity epidemic would be under control only if the government prioritises its population’s health thoroughly. (Reuters, 2014)

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