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Eating Habits Between Men And Women English 201 A Essay

932 words - 4 pages

Godwin Gnani
Prof. M. Jones
English 201A
17 October 2017
Men eat meat, women eat vegetables
When it comes to identifying differences between men and women, it's easy to point out things
like height, weight, body structure, social behaviors, etc. Some things, however, aren’t so clear,
things such as eating habits. When it comes to that, men and women have totally different
attitudes, behaviors, and expectation toward what they eat.
When it comes to eating, women are more likely to eat fresh vegetables, especially carrots
and lettuce. As for fresh fruits, they are more likely to eat apples, blueberries, strawberries, and
raspberries. Women also prefer dry foods, such as walnuts, almonds, and prunes. They are more
likely to consume eggs, diet soda, and yogurt when compared with men. Women take smaller
bites and tend to take longer to eat than men. That’s because they actually want to savor and
enjoy the food, whereas men just want to eat to replenish the energy they lost during the day.
Women tend to eat less when they are in the presence of a man they find attractive since they
think it makes them look more feminine. That rule, however, is out the door when they are with
other women since there are no attractive men nearby to impress. Women are also more likely to
go on a diet since most of them are dissatisfied with their body weight and shape, they are more
likely to put their well being in danger in order to achieve a certain physical look. Men, on the
other hand, are more accepting of their bodies so as a result, they have a more relaxed approach
toward their food choices. Most of the time, women don’t think of food as something they should
love and enjoy, that’s because they are always on guard as to what they eat and where they are
eating it. They always try to avoid eating anything that will make them gain weight or give them
acne. Women do more emotional eating and reward eating than men. When they're upset or
stressed, they tend to find solace in eating food.
Men eat more meat, poultry, fish, dry beans, and nuts than women. Eating fresh foods
isn’t the main concern for most men since 90% of their favorite foods are frozen. Men eat a lot
more servings of food and take larger bites than women. Men only consume fruits and vegetables
in order to balance their diets, whereas women find them very important since they are obsessed
with their figure. Unlike women, men don’t get hung up on eating less to attract a desirable
partner, in fact, it’s the total opposite, most men attract women by eating lots of protein which
helps them build more muscles, which in return makes them look more...

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