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Eating History Essay

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In the United States, food advertising has molded the way americans eat, lived and dined as a family and as consumers for years and has molded the in the wake of changing businesses and their demands, of the media, communication technologies, and cultural american history. Advertising, print media as well as television has been made to intrigue the minds throughout amaerican history and cause people to try new foods, to help spread the various types of cuisine throught the United States.
Starting in the early to middle of the nineteenth century food advertisements demonstrated a strong sense of food appeals to americans as a way to get them to resturants, fast food establishments or even ...view middle of the document...

This first started with the widespread overall growth of print advertising which did not take place until the early eighteenth and nineteenth century. This spread was brought to and encouraged by the changing and developing trade netweorks that especially was durrived and broadcated from the rail road system and the networks and also the improvement of roads in america. Newspapers during this time were like our internet ads, they were almost never printed more than a single column to save space for the information printed on them, and then they had generally blunt and bold illustrations and unique typefaces. Meanwhile the magazines reached out to a range of both younger and older audiences to get people try try new foods and taste what companies had to offer. Also the radio gave messages across a new majorly growing industrial developing country to eveyone with a radio and was the most effective was of advertising once it came into exsitance even with the invention of the televison being as though many people could afford a televison. In the beginning many advertisements for food were printed on ads for food were primarily directed at wives and mothers. This was because during the times mothers usually were the ones who stayed home and cooked for...

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