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As humanity becomes more civilized, many of us perceive that eating livestock is morally incorrect, but aren’t we are designed to be an omnivore? Our teeth and digestive system serve the purpose of breaking down animal and plant foods and to bring these important nutrients to every part of the body. Despite the fact that, in 2011, U.S. meat and poultry production reached more than 92.3 billion pounds, the ethic of killing and eating animals as well as the concern of the environmental burden caused by the production of meats is debatable. However, animal based diet is necessary for the human body to function properly and we can choose the meat produced from environmentally sustainable farms to avoid the moral ambiguity.
Anatomy and Physiology Factor
Some group of people who live on a plant-based diet argues that the human digestive system does not digest animal meat well. Mills (2009) suggests that the human digestive system is created for plant-based food, “The human gastrointestinal tract features anatomical consistent with an herbivorous diet” (p.1)
However, human anatomy and physiology force us to consume both animals and plants, imagine yourself living like a cow; chewing on grass and hay all day, do you think your stomach will process the grass well? Of course not! Our digestive system is completely different from a cow, according to Orr (2004), “rather than a single room stomach of human, cow has 4 connected stomachs that store the massive amount of grass that first eaten, then re-swallow grass back to the cow’s mouth to be chewed more finely” (p. 1). There are also a countless number of microscopic microorganisms, helps to break the grass further down to the molecular level of the cow body to absorb.
In addition, the herbivore digestive system has evolved to convert carbohydrates from plants into fat, In “Comparative Digestion” (2010) said that the byproduct of the digestion by microorganism, it releases “volatile fatty acids that cow can convert to its source of energy (p. 1). Furthermore, our ancestor: Paleolithic; Mesolithic; Neolithic ate meat, according to Dvorsky (2012), our genes and DNA have not become anything different than our ancestors’ for more than 120,000 years, the human body is designed and developed to feast on meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds (p. 1).
An Animal-Based Protein is Important to Human’s Brain Development
Animal meat has all necessary nutrients, especially protein that is necessary for the human body to grow and function properly. Besides, it plays a vital role in brain development. As suggested by Smil (2013), “Killing animals and eating meat have been significant components of human evolution…have inevitably contributed to the evolution of human intelligence…” (p.1). According to the findings of the University of Colorado (2012), anthropologists have excavated a toddler’s “skull fragment” in Tanzania that is the abnormally tiny size of skull, due to a protein deficiency in the diet and led to youth...

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