Eating My Way To A Healthy Lifestyle! A Health Essay That Outlines The Dangers Of Unheathy Foods

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Is all food good? In my life today, my parents are continually telling me that I shouldn't eat junk foods and should eat healthier foods. I don't see why because who besides some health freak would choose a plate of steamed vegetables over a bucket of hot chips. Well, I have been told in this current HPE (Health and Physical Education) unit that eating too much junk food while you are young can lead to serious health problems later in life. I want to live a good healthy life when I'm older which is free of health difficulties so that's why I'm am asking myself the question, am I "eating my way to a healthy lifestyle".Twenty or so years ago, children always used to eat a healthy home-cooked meal every night for dinner and maybe occasionally on a Friday night, got a handful of mixed lollies. But today's children are getting fatter, eating fatty greasy foods and exercising less. Children eating habits today are at a crisis.Fast food is so appealing to children because it is a lot cheaper than healthy foods and far more convenient. Children these days are more likely to choose the fast foods over healthy foods mainly because of the price. Eating greasy, fatty foods while children can lead to extremely serious health problems later in life. Who wants to die at the age 35 from a stroke? I'm sure not too many people would raise their hands. Alarming figures have come from the latest Heart Foundation survey and the results show that 30% of 9-15year olds are overweight and 50% of this same age group have high...

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