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eBay Evolution PaperBIS/219May 19, 2011eBay is a technologically innovative online store that provides worldwide access to buyers and sellers. eBay competes with online giants like Amazon.com and Walmart.com. eBay offers retail goods sold directly by the owners of the good to consumers via the Internet. Both buyers and sellers are the consumers of eBay's services. It is the largest auction clearinghouse in the world selling used goods and overstocked items. The second largest competitor in this market is Craigslist. eBay allows retailers and individuals to post their items on online and deal with buyers directly. Either through an auction period or direct buy. eBay not only provides income to an individual seller, but also makes profit by charging their sellers a fee for each transaction.Examining the strategies discussed in the text book, a number of strategies are appealing when discussing eBay. First, consider the cost leadership strategy. In the market for second hand goods, eBay may not offer the lowest cost. If I have a bicycle in my garage, perhaps the cheapest way for me to sell the bike is to put a sign in my front yard or to tell friends that I am selling my bike. My cost to sell the bike is near zero. eBay is not cheap, because a seller must pay a fee, but it does give the seller access to the world wide market on the Internet. Differentiation is another possible strategy. Yet, does eBay offer differentiation from Craigslist? Yes, in that eBay is open to buyers world wide and on Craigslist they are listed by city. However, for large items that would be costly to ship such as my bicycle, the local market is the most viable. eBay is innovative. It was the first of the online auction houses, but now the market has matured. I compare this to the company that developed ATMs, at first they were innovative, now every bank needs them. When we considering the Operational Effectiveness strategy, one would feel that eBay is a top contender. eBay does not carry an inventory of goods at all. It is totally a cyberspace good. Buyers and sellers merely use the Internet programs provided by eBay. It is difficult to imagine a sweeter operation than eBay. Aside from servers and programs, that is practically all that eBay has to be concerned with operationally. Finally we examine the Customer Orientation strategy. That is the best fit for eBay. eBay must be the easiest auction house on the web or it is in trouble, because selling interpersonally is cheaper, the customer orientation of the site must reign supreme. Many of the businesses we discussed must make customers happy. Without that customer is king focus, eBay is sunk. When a customer buys or sells on eBay, it is an opportunity for eBay to develop a personalized, one on one relationship in a way that a "traditional" business cannot. eBay comes to you in your home or in your office. It is always open. It must be friendly and easy.While eBay stated as the innovative...

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