Ebola One Of The Most Deadly Diseases Of The New Age

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One of the most deadly diseases of the new age, basically has the same properties of a microwave and is able to liquefy the human body from the inside out. This disease is known as the Ebola hemorrhagic fever, also known as (EHF). EHF first was recorded in Sudan and Zaire in Africa. The initial recording of the virus infected 284 with a high mortality rate of 53%. The initial reservoir or transportation of the virus was not identified as the second outbreak occurred in Zaire, Africa in 1976, with a mortality rate of 88%. This disease that infected 318 people initially went on to kill 280 of the initial people in a quick onset of the disease (1). The virus was specifically named after a river in Africa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which was formerly known as Zaire, Africa, the place the disease was initially discovered. Since the onset of the EHF, the virus has infected 2,305 people. It can be said that EHF has relatively low incidence and prevalence rates compared to other fatal pathogens since its emergence in 1976. EHF is typically known to cause sporadic outbreaks within health-care settings. This is known as nosocomial transmission and usually occurs in African health care facilities (3). As far as age, gender, and race are concerned, EHF does not discriminate in which host it infects. Since the Ebola Virus is so lethal with mortality rates up to 90 percent, it has been classified as a level 4-biosafety, which is the highest level of safety procedures taken when working with any pathogen (EV). These precautionary steps of wearing suits that basically look like you belong on the moon are necessary because of the devastating toll this virus can take on one’s body. Aum Shinrikyo once attempted to use EHF as a biologically weapon by infecting a bunch of monkeys and releasing them in the United States in an attempt to infect many political figures with the disease. Luckily monkeys are only able to carry a strain of Ebola that humans cannot contract (7).
EHF is mostly characterized as an acute infection rather than a chronic infection because the mortality rate is often viewed at an extremely high percentage, however, even with the devastating symptoms; some people live to tell about their experience. Since Ebola is a virus, it is not considered living until it is able to highjack a living cell to replicate. The Ebola virus enters the host primarily through mucosal surfaces or skin abrasions. This transmission most likely occurs from direct contact with patients and cadavers. Once the virus is obtained and incubates in the body from 2-21 days, symptoms include: high fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, chest pain, cough, and headache. The early symptoms just stated infect the gastrointestinal, respiratory, and neurological systems. Major implications of these early symptoms are that they mimic the same symptoms of malaria, typhoid fever, dysentery, influenza and several other bacterial infections. As the disease progresses...

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