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EBooks has grown a lot in popularity. You see many people reading eBooks on their phones or IPad. There is also a tablet almost completely dedicated to reading eBooks like the kindle fire which has become extremely popular item to read eBooks on. There are a lot of people that think eBooks aren’t the best experience for reading books. While others see eBooks taking over reading normal books and eventually replacing the normal books in the future. So I’m going to compare the two to show you which one is better in my opinion.
Now there are a lot of reasons why people prefer using a book to read vs an eBook. When you are reading a book they usually don’t suffer from glare issues like many ...view middle of the document...

The reason books have a better selection is because of copyrights, international legalities and also publishers may not want their content on digital devices where it can be stolen.
Now with all that said the use of eBooks has gotten extremely popular. Kindles are selling millions of devices to people. So why do people still avoid eBooks even with its advantages? The reason mainly has to do with the device eBooks run on. When you buy a device that can use eBooks they usually have LCD or LED screens that show glare when you are trying to read. Which can makes reading an eBook out on the beach with the bright sun out kind of a hassle.
Even with the glare issues and other problems people still use eBooks very often. Some reasons why people use eBooks is because when using a device with eBooks it makes the user look hi-tech. Also the operating systems eBooks run on can make viewing books on a virtual shelf look very awesome. The devices people use to read eBooks on are usually relatively light too. So they won’t have to worry about bearing the weight of several books at one time since each book is stored on the device.
While eBooks are extremely convenient to use it can take a lot of time for the user to download the books they want to read. Also when the user wants to turn pages on their device it can sometimes take a long time to load the next page. Loading speed usually depends on the device you are using but it’s still something to worry about when considering using eBooks. Though the devices themselves can cause eBooks to have slow load times, eBooks convenience is amazing. When you buy your books through an eBook program all your books stored onto one device.
No longer will you have to carry a bunch of books at once since everything is stored onto one device. One issue people run into though with eBooks is that once they find a book they like you can’t share it with friends. Since all books are stored on the device you can’t just lend your eBook to someone like with a normal book. So users of eBooks have their books locked to their device giving them no freedom to share to other people who may enjoy the book they liked. They could recommend the book to someone but it would be better if they could just hand their friend the book instead.
Now when it comes down to cost for eBooks...

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