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E Business Marketing Essay

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As we have discussed in the lectures and classroom newsgroups, many eBusiness systems are provided for employees, trading partners, and other closely related entities. These systems assist or facilitate day-to-day, routine business activities. Gaining acceptance (or compliance) in using these sites often requires little more than an announcement or training class.Gaining acceptance and widespread use of public eBusiness systems, primarily Internet web sites, requires a marketing approach. This week's lecture will provide an overview of some of the considerations involved in marketing a web site, and will describe some of the strategies and methods public Web site managers can use to bring more people to their sites.eBusiness Marketing and the 4 PsWhen considering how to market a web site, it is important to remember that so-called traditional marketing concepts can be readily applied to the Internet medium. Most business students learn about the 4Ps in a marketing class, and learn to relate them to various sorts of marketing situations, such as grocery retail, wholesale distribution, cell phone sales, and many others.Marketing for eBusiness, or eMarketing, can also be enhanced by using the 4 Ps model. According to the 4 Ps model, a marketing strategy is complete only if it covers the areas of Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.ProductIn a traditional business, the term 'product' refers to the physical goods the marketer wishes to sell to customers, as well as services such as warranty, service, or return policies. With so many companies selling the same or identical products (Wal Mart or Target, for example), the company itself becomes part of the "package". As we have discussed in the classroom newsgroups, while Wal Mart or Target often carry the same products, customers will choose a store based on other factors, such as convenience or experience (i.e. cleanliness of the store).The same holds true in eMarketing; the web site itself is part of the product. A web site that is organized, easy to navigate, contains complete product information, and an easy-to-use checkout process will likely garner more sales than the site that is "messy" looking, and difficult to purchase from. Successful web sites will incorporate many of the following elements.Site DesignAttractive design and graphics can make the viewer (customer or potential customer) want to do business at this site. Graphics should be "easy on the eyes", with appropriate color combinations and distribution. Page navigation should be intuitive; that is, it should be obvious to the user how the buttons, scroll bars, and menus operate.Product or Service DescriptionsDescriptions should include all of the information the buyer needs to make a buying decision. Product information could include dimensions (height, weight), color, texture, speed, capacity, ingredients, nutritional information, and price. Service information might include availability (days, hours), geographic range (local,...

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