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Eccentric People In Front Of Video Cameras

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Is it Edward B. Marks, Joe Stern, MTV, VH1 or Ladislav Rychman? Who does society blame for the start of music videos and what they are in present day? These are just a few people and companies who helped introduce music videos into to the world. Since music videos have been aired on television not only the messages, but reason for which they were made has changed. Thanks to this change, the stereotypes remain the same about genres of music which affect society as a whole.
During the late 1950’s the introduction of the scopitone was the first device that allowed short videos to be produced. Beginning in France, the scopitone helped artists put a visual to their songs for an audience. From there on, technology and curious minds blended together to give you what we have in present day. Videos can now be shot on a device with dimensions of 42mm x 60mm x 30mm also known as a go pro.
From the first music video in 1981 broadcasted on MTV till present day, the messages which music videos suggest have changed. The new mass medium that took over in the 1980’s were music videos. Viewers could now go from listening to visualizing as well. The idea of multitasking created a new sensation for the brain. This new invention changed the focus of the “radio star” or “one hit wonder” to what is happening on the screen. It was not about how catchy your song was anymore, but what your video displayed. Now an artist can take the lyrics to their song, and make a short film to capture the message in another form of art. Artist would paint their picture of what they thought there song looked like on a screen.
The first music video ever to be shown on national TV was “Video Killed the Radio Star” by The Buggles. When listening to the lyrics of the song, it is pretty self explanatory with the chorus, “video killed the radio star”. With the introduction to video, the famous “radio star” who was known for her memorable lyrics was “killed” due to video. When viewing the production it is very simple, low-budget, film which was put together. The characters are dressed in these bright outfits, with glasses, singing and playing the piano. When viewing the women, they are singing on stage in synchronization with little movements mainly focused in their hands. The primary focus of videos in the 80’s were that there was such a thing called a “music video” where you could see your favorite artist on stage performing.

Now fast forward 40 years later. Technology, lyrics, and imagination, have all contributed to the messages portrayed in music videos shown on television. When looking at Miley Cyrus’s “We Can’t Stop” some of the themes exploited in this music video are drugs, sexuality, and promiscuity. The video features Miley at a house partying with her friends, with bizarre and strange events occurring. When analyzing her lyrics, in the second verse she says, “Everyone in line for the bathroom, trying to get a line in the bathroom” insinuating that everyone who...

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