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ECCO CASEEveryone has a dream but only few fulfil their dreams, Karl Toosbuy was one of those people who followed their dreams. At the beginning of his career Toosbuy worked in a shoe company in Copenhagen but this wasn't enough. He dreamed of setting up his own company and one day in the year 1963 he did. He and his family left their comfort zone in the city of Copenhagen and moved into the countryside where Toosbuy bought an empty manufactory.From then on the company started to grew bigger and bigger every year. In 2003 ECCO's profit was 61 788 DKK, four years later in 2007 their profit grew until 537 578 DKK, almost 900 % of the profit in 2003. In 2012 it grew even higher, up to 682 578 DKK.ECCO with Karl Toosbuy, whom past away some years ago, are very passionate about what they're doing. It's not for nothing that their philosophy is: "The shoe must fit the foot".As a result of this mentality they have a lot of competitive advantages and resources that are used for fulfilling it. Not only does this makes them stronger, also their strategy differs them from the rest. A value chain that is from start to end coordinated by ECCO itself. Since every company doesn't only have strengths but also weaknesses, this is also mentioned in the report.What are their competitive advantages?First of all, ECCO has a really good point of view and "watch in the future". Every action or step that they organise is with the idea to reach a certain goal in a period of time.They have a good philosophy and try to make the best of their employees and to have the most efficient staff in order to reach their goals. A good staff with good qualifications and knowledge is much more useful and necessary for the company. In fact, these people have a great motivation to work and to their jobs. Surely this is good for the staff itself but also the company in general will come better out of it. They think about their staff and even create some facilities to make them feel more than just an employee; this is really clever and makes them even more efficient.According to their good view and the good employers that they made, ECCO took a real advantage during the beginning of the crisis in 2007. They saw which markets were starting to become weak and went to some others, like Russia as an example, were they made a really good investment according to the fact that East Europe is the first ECCO's selling sector. They created for themselves during the crisis a really huge advantage. While for most of the companies the crisis was a black page in their history, their fault was the fact that they were to focuses on one market. Unquestionably they took some risks with changing their products and targets quite fast but we can also see they have a very good ability to adapt themselves to every situation in a short duration of time.Furthermore ECCO owns different branches and departments; like an investment department where they focus particularly in high quality final product and materials...

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