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Ece Reflection Paper: The Power Of Creative Dance

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“The Power of Creative Dance” by Connie Bergstein Dow explains how powerful and effective using creative movement is. From circle time to transition time, movement develops a child’s imagination. Acting out stories is important for children. As they act they become a significant part of your illustration. This touches a child’s view of him/herself and promotes mental, emotional, and physical stability. Through pretending to swim, crawl, gallop, and soar movement is a way children explore, imagine, and become aware of their surroundings. Movement helps children understand flexibility and limits. Movement promotes exercise and a healthy lifestyle.
Dance is movement, space, time and ...view middle of the document...

Make posters of stop signs, and stoplights as stop/go visuals.
Children with special needs need to move too. It may be difficult to incorporate some children who are special needs into movement session, but they can all participate in some way. Though they may not be able to do all the same movements that other children can, movements can be modified so that these children can also be included in the rest of his/her class’ activities. Other special needs children may be able to share their feelings through movement more easily than through verbal communication. In this case it will be beneficial for the child and teachers when he/she expresses him/herself through movement.
Children have a hard time sitting still for very long so adding movement to lessons can have a powerful effect on children’s interest and attention span. Themed lessons can easily have dance and movement integrated into the lessons. Children who do not move have a greater chance of developing a problem with obesity. Those children are who become obese may develop high cholesterol, high blood pressure, poor self-esteem and other health and social difficulties. To avoid this, make movement apart of your class room and help fight obesity.
Allow children to freely dance while you play music. Give them scarves, instruments, and costumes. Dance and movement encourages emotional development and social skills. Children learn how to work together, listen to directions, and wait for their turn. Through movement children learn large motor skills and coordination, balance, stamina, and strength.
So, with movement being so important why isn’t it used more in the class room? Many teachers are scared to teach dance because they have no background in it and they feel pressured to teach academics so they get out of teaching dance and...

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