Ecg Biometric Recognition Essay

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Department of Electrical EngineeringIdentifying humans based on their ecg signalsELE 490 Senior Design IStudent(s) Names & IDsDheeraj Girijavallaban 40951Mohammed Sajjad Islam 37385Supervised byDr. Khaled AssalehSemesterFall 2014




REVISION HISTORYTable of Contents2REVISION HISTORY 3Table of Contents 5List of Figures and Tables 6Glossary 7Executive Summary 81. INTRODUCTION 81.1 Purpose 101.1.1 High Pressure Sodium (HPS) 111.1.2 Smart Street Lighting System (SSL) 121.2 Motivation 141.2.1 LEDs VS Conventional Lamps 161.3 Advantages and Disadvantages of SSL 161.4 Literature Review 161.4.1 TRIAC Voltage Varying Circuit 171.4.2 LDR Circuit 182. Requirements Specifications 18Upgrade Cost from HPS lamps to LED 19Scenarios 20Scenario 1 20Scenario 2 20Scenario 3 21Decision Matrix 223. Design 22Microcontroller [1] 23Programmable Logic Controller [4] 23Ladder Logic Programming [2] 24Motion Sensors 25Lamps 27PROFIBUS 29Simulation and Verification 34Schedule 34Budget 36Conclusions and Future Work 37Appendix a 38Legend 39References List of Figures and Tables8Figure 1 - Generation through hydroelectric 9Figure 2 Combustion of coal 9Figure 3 Power cycle 10Figure 4 HPS detailed labelling 12Figure 5 Smart Street lighting 14Figure 6 - LED vs. conventional lamps 15Figure 7 - Characteristics of Intensity vs. Time 17Figure 8 - TRIAC voltage characteristics 17Figure 9 - TRIAC Circuit along with timer 18Figure 10 - LDR circuit 22Figure 11 - Intel 8742, 8-bit microcontroller 23Figure 12 - Siemens PLC 23Figure 13 - Thermostat Ladder Program 24Figure 14: Working of Active infrared sensor 25Figure 15 - Levels of luminance 26Figure 16 - Block diagram of the system 27Figure 17 - Advantages of PROFIBUS[5] 27Figure 18 - PROFIBUS 29Figure 19 - DIALux 30Figure 20 - DIALux Catalog 31Figure 21 - PHILIPS Lamp Selector 31Figure 22 - DIALux 32Figure 23 - Pole Arrangement and Boom 32Figure 24 - Simulation using 1 lamp 33Figure 25 - Simulation using 3 lamps 34Figure 26 - Gantt Chart GlossaryPLC = Programmable Logic Controller.SSL = Smart Street Lighting System.LDR = Light Dependent Resistor.LED = Light Emitting Diode.Lumens (lux) = Unit of Light intensity.Embedded Systems = computer system with a dedicated function within a larger electrical system.Candela (cd) = Unit of light.Transformer = device for stepping up or down the voltage.Executive SummaryINTRODUCTION1.1 PurposeResearchers have been using ECG data as a diagnostic tool since the early 20th century. Only in the last 20 years, however, have researchers been able to apply digital analysis to the data [1]. Methods have been proposed to delineate ECG waveforms and their end fiducials from each heartbeat and using a strategy, which uses the delineated features, and taking decision for the identity of an individual with respect to the template database on the basis of match scores. This paper aims at improving the idea of ECG as a new biometric characteristic in...

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