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Echs Application Essay #1

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I bolted through the clear door of a small, earth-colored high school, practically slamming the door behind me. Catching my breath, I stood in the school completely drenched and shivering. Rain pounded on the clear door behind me. I stood awkwardly on a mat in front of the doorway, trying not to get the floor wet. I gazed around the hall in front of me. I couldn’t see staff in the office, nor were any students in the hallway or in the classrooms. The entire school was empty.
Must be a day off or something, I thought, blinking in surprise.
Suddenly, I recognized the building. Just last week, I had visited the exact same campus. My eyes explored the hall in front of me for the second time. ...view middle of the document...

I nearly leaped out of my skin. I looked at the floor with wide eyes and watched neon arrows as big as my face zip across the floor.
I chased the arrows to what looked like an entrance to a cafeteria. The entrance was a squat hallway filled with student awards and posters.
The sound of rain faded into the background as I stepped into the entrance. The arrows shrunk slightly and streamlined up the wall, weaving between posters. The arrows stopped at a neon yellow poster. On it were six pillars, with a word on each. The words on the pillars were the following: caring, citizenship, fairness, respect, responsibility, and trustworthiness. I recognized this as The Pillars of Good Character. My school practically revolved around those principles. After all, I attended a Christian school. Hence, I knew that they were obviously important.
My hand reached up to brush the laminated poster.
My fingers brushed the first pillar. The word was “caring.” Memories surfaced. I pictured the many times I listened to the stories, troubles, and fears of different people. That tied with trustworthiness, my eyes flicked to the last pillar. The multiple secrets I had been trusted to keep. Some were not kept, I thought regretfully. But I recalled sitting on a bed, listening to one secret that would never leave my lips.
I continued to drag my fingers gently across the plastic.
Citizenship was the next one. Oh, NJHS, I remembered. NJHS stands for National Junior Honor Society. Basically, it’s a program for 8th graders to do service projects. Recently, we did a book drive and gave books to sick children in Valley Baptist Hospital. I like doing service in creative ways. I smiled. Like when I considered buying tacos from taco bell and giving them to people asking for food or money.
Fairness, the next pillar, stumped me. What does that even mean really? I pondered. Fairness to whom? In what kind of a situation? I mused. I try to be fair to my friends. For example, when a friend is over. We like to show each other different things, such as videos or shows. So when we start arguing, I usually suggest watching a video I want to watch, then watching a video they want to watch. If I wanted to show two or more videos, than they would get to show the same amount.
Up next was respect. After searching my memories again, I remembered camp. When I was at a camp, I met all kinds of girls and boys with different religions than myself. One of my best friends at camp, Sophia, was agnostic. My Christian friend tried to witness to her, but Sophia became upset and walked into her dorm, slamming the door. Quickly, I knocked on the door and begged her to let me...

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