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Eci To Start Issuing Voter Id Card Made Of Plastic In Up

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Many a times, there are a few anti-social elements of our society who wish to distort the whole idea of free and fair elections and hence do whatever they can to influence the results of voting by the decent and determined citizens who just wish to vote and elect their choice of candidate. From just the sound of this fact, it is easy to absorb that how would such a situation bring shame to the system and more importantly kill the whole idea of a democracy, where those in power are elected by the decision of a majority of people.

Looking at such situation, we have now a rough idea about the fact that whenever there are elections in UP or any other state, there are evil happenings like bogus ...view middle of the document...

It is more or less obvious that the election of such a candidate, done by unfair means, would do more harm than good to the constituency. If such a practice is widespread and no steps are taken to control it, such a forgery would further deteriorate the structure of our democracy whose fate is already in jeopardy by the charges of corruption, scams and black money.

The reason because of which Voter ID Card UP and other states is prone to forgery is that the build quality of a typical Voter ID Card in India is not upto the mark. Our EPIC’s are simply laminated paper cards with the information completely visible to naked eye. Therefore it is piece of cake for the forgers to duplicate a document with dimensions and structure like that of our Voter ID Cards.

The Solution that our Election Commission has come up with.

The ECI is very well aware of these situations and hence it would be wrong of us to think that there would not be any solution from the commission’s end. The ECI has launched the Voter ID Cards made up of plastic.

The first state to receive these EPIC’s made up of PVC is Tripura. The distribution of Plastic Voter ID Cards has already started in this state with Uttar Pradesh being the next destination. Once the ECI concludes with...

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