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Eco Terrorism And Violence In The United States

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Eco terrorism has been said by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to be "the most significant domestic terror threat facing the United States today" ("Environmental"). This assumption could not be any more true. Everyday, the lives of many innocent citizens and animals are put in danger just for a group of people to try to make a statement about what they believe is right, and what they believe is wrong. These actions are "usually committed by individuals who believe that the exploitation of natural resources and despoliation of the environment are becoming so severe that action outside of conventional legal and environmental channels is required" ("Ecoterrorism." Pollution). Although this may be effective in getting the wanted attention brought to the subject, a better system needs to be found that doesn't put any innocents in harm's way.
Developing primarily in the 1980's, the United States has seen over one hundred acts of destruction causing close to $42.8 million in damages as a result of eco terrorists' protesting (Nilson). Using these harmful and disruptive acts to bring publicity to an issue is not highly unusual, but when it is administered on this level, something needs to be done to stop it. For the majority of these groups, their goal is to prevent the progress of any businesses that they deem harmful. Increasing rapidly in the last 20 years, this threat has become a serious problem in terms of types of acts committed, their potential for deadly violence, and the number of individuals involved in committing these acts or aiding in their commission through providing financial support. With the danger and severity level of these crimes increasing, something needs to be done to protect the United States and it's devoted workers.
Everyday, the behavior of environmental activists are endangering innocent citizens all over the world. Though most groups are targeting the "higher-ups" in a business or production, many of the lower level workers are being harmed in their attempts. Putting people in danger to make a statement is not the right way to approach the situation. Legal actions should, and are often taken against these individuals that see it necessary to cause destruction to fix a problem. Because of their violent actions, environmental activists have been legally deemed terrorists. "They have inflicted millions of dollars in damages and have maimed innocent people" ("Ecoterrorism: The Dangerous").
The term 'Eco terrorist' came into play because the goal of these domestic terrorists are the same as those of international terrorists; "to threaten a legitimately elected government through causing domestic unrest and threatening the peaceful orderliness of society" ("Environmental"). Main targets of these acts include forestation projects, hydro-electric operations, resource production, and land based telecommunication and energy services (Nilson). The term terrorist has also been labeled upon on these activists because the means...

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