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Ecobus Marketing Coursework Nokia The Wireless Giant

2881 words - 12 pages

Ecobus Marketing Coursework - Nokia - The Wireless Giant

Ecobus Marketing Coursework

"Nokia - The Wireless Giant"

Introduction & Purpose

For this coursework, I have decided to study the wireless giant,
Nokia. Nokia is, unarguably, the leader in the world of mobile
communications. The brand boasts a significant number of users from
around the world, ranging from Europe to the Americas, and from Africa
to the Asia Pacific. Nokia's success has been aided by its experience,
innovation and its user-friendliness and thus, has become the leading
supplier of mobile phones and other related products around the globe.

The aim of this project is to identify how Nokia has approached its
market and what has enabled the company to become a world leader in
the world of wireless communications. This will include a study of the
customer behaviour towards the brand and how Nokia has managed to
secure a large share of the market, leaving its competitors far


In order to fill my purpose, I will collect both primary as well as
secondary data from the appropriate sources. To collect the primary
data, I will hand out questionnaires to a sample group of people
varying in age and nationality. This is necessary to get a wider
perspective of the possible customers of Nokia. Two samples of the
questionnaire will be presented in the appendix. I will also carry out
an interview with one of the staff of a Nokia Retail Outlet to further
inquire about their aims and objectives in Hong Kong. The appropriate
information from the questionnaires will be converted into graphs and
then summarised. However, my study of Nokia will be based in Hong Kong
and may contain a Hong Kong Perspective of the brand

In addition to these data, I will create a S.W.O.T (Strength,
Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of the company and also
analyse Nokia's marketing mix. This will give a good overview of the
company's marketing strategy. To add to the analysis, I will include a
Boston Matrix of the brand, which will help determine the position of
the company in the market. Following this, I will gather all the
information to form a conclusion, which will include my own

A Brief Introduction to Nokia

Nokia started in the communications service in 1865 establishing
itself in the newspaper business, the original medium of
communication. In 1967, the Nokia Corporation was formed when The
Nokia Company, originally selling newspapers, merged with the Finnish
Rubber and Finnish Cable Works. The 60's were an important era as it
was Nokia's first step into the market of telecommunications.

As the 1980's approached and the micro-computer age arrived, Nokia was
very much involved and emerged as a major producer of computers,
monitors and TV sets. Since then, Nokia has come a long way. After the
end of 2001, the company's net sales summed up to US$ 28.15 billion.
It boasted 18 production facilities in...

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