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14FS MLSC3052 Special Topics in MLS
Name: ___Terri-Ann Wright__________________________________Module 2 Writing AssignmentInstructions: For this writing assignment you are to use your Module 2 Public Health topic that was assigned to you by your facilitator. This will be the topic of a brief presentation.The scenario is as follows: You have been asked by the local elementary school's Boy/Girl Scout Troop to give a presentation at their next meeting. They are going on an outing and would like to be educated on the infectious diseases that they might encounter in the area they are traveling. There will be approximately twelve adolescents (ages are from 10 - 12) and two adults in the ...view middle of the document...

Student's name is not included within the document text.Failure to follow directions regarding the citation of references.Please begin your assignment on the following page.ESCHERICHIAGood morning boys and girls, my name is Terri-Ann Wright. I work for Baptist Memorial Hospital in Microbiology Department. Is there anyone who can tell me what a person who works in microbiology does? I work with germs/bacteria to help to prevent and control infections so each of won't get sick. Today I will be talking to you about Escherichia, which is known as Ecoli a Germs/Bacteria. What are bacteria/ germs? Is it good or bad for you? Well, Lets see a show of hands of all who have heard of bacteria Ecoli before? Well, I am going to talk to you a little more in-depth about this germs/bacteria. So, Where did these bacteria come from? A German doctor by the name of Theodor Escherich discovered the bacteria in the 1800 and the bacteria were named after him. Lets look at the following:What is Escherichia (Ecoli)? - Escherichia is a bacteria/germ that affects our digestive systems. These bacteria lives inside of the digestive tract of animals, healthy human beings, and places such as streams and lakes. Some bacteria can be more harmful than others. Ecoli is actually normal flora in our digestive system, which helps us to break our foods. Moderate amount of Ecoli in our body is good. Unfortunately, there are some kinds of Ecoli is bad for us. This "bad guy" can cause more serious harm to human's beings.Types of Ecoli are:Enteropathogenic (EPEC)- affects infants and small children in daycares centers and nurseries.Enterotoxigenic (ETEC- known as "travellers" diarrhea.Enteroinvasive (EIEC)- causes your lower stomach to hurts really bad.Enterohemorrhagic (EHEC)- known as 0157:H7. The "bad guy" This is the most dangerous kind of Escherichia. Causes hemorrhagic diarrhea (blood in stool) not a good sign at all. Also causes a condition called hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS). Imagine getting a cut and you are unable to stop bleeding or control your bleeding…think about it. You are in trouble if unable to stop bleeding. This is what this guy does. Another is having difficulties using the bathroom because of kidneys don't work. This "bad guy" keeps on and on. Guess what boys and girl? This wants to take your happiness away and rob you of your life. So, what do you do if know someone wants to take your life away? You would do everything in your power to prevent this guy from taking your life right?Enteroadherent - Has two kinds: a. causes urinary tract infection. 2. Enteroaggregative EaggEC- causes diarrhea for two weeks.Enteroadherent - 2 strain 1. DAEC-Causes urinary tract infection 2. Enteroaggregative EaggEC- causes diarrhea that will last up to or over two weeks.Symptoms of Escherichia (Ecoli)Most symptoms of Ecoli are as follows:How many of you ever had a stomach pains?Diarrhea with sometimes blood in it.Belly pain or Stomach crampsVomitingMode of...

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