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The contextual factors that exist within the community can reach into the classroom and have an impact on students and staff. This holds true in the community of Banks County High School. The high school is located approximately 75 miles northeast of Atlanta. The Banks county community is settled in the foothills of the mountains and is very rural-94% rural, 6% urban (Banks County, 2013) and occupies 234 square miles of rolling valleys and small mountains. There are approximately 78 people per square mile in this rural picturesque setting. According to the 2010 census, the population of this small community is only 18,316 people, which is an increase from 2000 census, which placed 14,442 people in the county (American FactFinder, 2013).
The majority of the workforce, age 16 and over, is employed in manufacturing (1625), education and Healthcare (1308), and retail trade (932). This causes the median income of the 6,583 households in the county to be $41,397 dollars. Yet, the majority of the households in the county fall within the $50,000- $74,999 annual income bracket. Despite the “middle class” incomes of the families in the community, 17% of Banks County’s families are below poverty level (American FactFinder, 2013). Currently, there are 406 students that are eligible for free lunch and 94 students are eligible for reduced-price lunches. These figures show that almost half (49%) of the school is eligible for free lunch while just 11% qualify for the reduced-price lunches (School Directory Information, 2013). The poverty level of the school allows for Title I qualification status, but the school has decline the Title I status(Bray, 2013)
The demographics of the area show that the area is predominately white, as 93% of the population is white, not of Hispanic origin. The genders of citizens are almost even- there are 9,187 men and 8,887 women. The biggest age group consists of people aged 35-54 years old, making up approximately 30% of the population in Banks County. There is a sizable percentage, 28%, of households with single females as the leader of the household, with no husband present, with children under the age of 18 (American FactFinder, 2013).
The school system of Banks County consists of a primary school, elementary, middle and high school. According to the American FactFinder site, there are 1287 children in Banks County between the ages of 15-19, leading to the enrollment numbers at Banks County High school to be 863 students. (Bray, 2013).
The environmental contextual factors that impact this community are the lack of growth in the area and the socioeconomics of the citizens. Instead of the population of the community growing, it has declined slightly. This leads to less money from home taxes to support the school in the next few years if the community becomes unstable. However, the school has been able to expand and build a new wing. The effects of this decline are not drastic in nature, so in a general, it is a very...

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