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Ecological Theory And Its Effects On Life Events

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The two significant life events I chose to examine further are, when I met my fiancé and when I received my GED. I chose these two events because they were the most life changing, I am a better person for them. When I met my fiancé, I was at a horrible point in my life.When he entered my life, he helped me get back on my feet. He was there for me when I could not depend on anyone else and I am forever grateful to have met him. I also chose receiving my GED as another pivotal life event. Obtaining my GED has opened the door for me to further my education and it is something I would not have pursued if not for my fiancé's support. Passing the test was one of my biggest achievements, and I am ...view middle of the document...

Our society promotes being in relationships by making being single synonymous with being lonely. Within the chronosystem, I would have to say my mother's passing was the catalyst for all these events to unfold. Prior to her passing I lived in Ohio and would have never met, John, our friends would have introduced him to someone else.

Brofenbrenner's rings influence on my receiving my GED, is evident within each system. In order to make it in life you generally need an education. The microsystem becomes apparent when you take into account my friend's and family's support. College requires you to have a high school diploma or GED to apply, so the exosystem shows in the availability of the test. I was able to schedule a day to take the test and all I had to do was make it to the testing site on time. Furthering my education and my family all played a pivotal role in my decision to get my GED, the mesosystem displays how my desire for a better future stems from societies positive view on education. Our culture values education and the macrosystem proves this point. While a high school diploma is preferred over a GED, a college degree still trumps both. Above all else, my desire to further my education ensures me a better future. Within the chronosystem, the fact that colleges and universities accept the GED in place of a diploma. If not for that fact, I would not be able to further my education and subsequently would not be able to work in my chosen field of social services. Although the ecological theory is comprehensive in many ways, it fails to take into account biological influences (Mossler, 2013). 

Meeting, John,...

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