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Ecology Essay

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Hello Class,

In Week 1, we studied environmental science and ecosystems and discussed the importance of environmental health. Your understanding will be deepened through building a firm foundation based on chemistry, energy flow through ecosystems, and physical laws governing matter.You will learn that environmental science is the lens through which multiple disciplines gain understanding about Earth’s ecosystems and how human behavior affects natural systems. The interface between humans and the natural world is the focus of environmental science.

As we learn economic and political systems including the development of policy, you will better understand the context and challenges faced by people and the planet in the 21st century. Environmental issues are complex. Not only do we need to study environmental issues from the perspective of interdisciplinary but, it is also necessary to include economics, sociology, anthropology, and many other disciplines, which help to explain the problems with which we are faced. Many other disciplines also help to explain the problems with which we are faced. An interdisciplinary approach will help us develop lasting solutions. Environmentalism and environmental problems are not new. Environmental problems caused by human activities have occurred since the dawn of agriculture. The current wave of environmentalism began in 1962 with the publication of Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, but its roots can be traced to the 19th century. It is not possible to understand and solve environmental problems when the problems are viewed from a narrow or single disciplinary focus. It is possible to improve how humans interact with our environment from almost any field. Anthropology, archeology, sociology, psychology, and other disciplines exploring...

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