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Ecology Field Study
As a class, we are going to create a series of educational pamphlets about the RH King Academy outdoor ecosystem. The pamphlet should be a resource for the RH King Academy and surrounding communities to learn about the ecosystem of the school grounds. It should explain how students can to continue to enjoy the school grounds responsibly and sustainably.
You will get the following class time to complete this project:
· 20 minutes to plan group roles and how you will record your observations and data.
· 1 class in the park to record observations,
· 30 minutes in class to plan your pamphlets following the field study.
· The rest of the work will be done outside of class time.
This project is also a competition! All the pamphlets from grade 9 Academic Science classes will be submitted to the King Environment Council. They will choose the best pamphlet from each category, which will be distributed to the school community at the Enviro Fair in April!
You will be marked on the following components:
1. Individual survey notes (planned, organized, complete, effective use of data tables, use of appropriate terminology)
2. Group pamphlet requirements:
· Presents the information collected from the field study.
· Includes a reference map with important landmarks for the subject studied.
· Uses pictures and/or drawings to convey important observations.
· Is well-planned, well-organized, visually appealing, uses colour effectively & appropriately.
· Demonstrates an understanding of concepts learned by incorporating course teachings.
· Provides thoughtful and complete answers to the questions associated with group topic.
(1) Human Use of the Park
Task Record human features on the map, and describe how humans are using the space.
· How do humans use this ecosystem?
· What synthetic or nonsynthetic materials have humans introduced to the park?
· Identify and describe the interactions between humans and other living organisms.
· Is this a natural or artificial ecosystem? Why?...

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