Economic Activity And Australia (Hand Written Notes)

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Economic activity refers to the production of g&S by individuals, firms, and governments, that is, it is the process of converting scarce resources into G&S that satisfies society's needs and wants.The level of economic activity is a macroeconomic term which refers to the general pace at which an economy is producing goods and services.The Business Cycle is the name given to the periodic fluctuations in the level of economic activity that arise from movements in the level of aggregate demand. Thus, it helps describes how the level of economic activity changes over the years.•Contraction: A period of decline in which economic activity decreases for at least six months is termed a contraction. Normally follows a pear/boom. If severe, production may even fall. Usually after time lag, unemployment rates starts to rise and often inflation eases.•Trough (sometimes recessions): The end of a contraction and transition to an expansion is designated a trough. Represents the lowest point on the business cycle of Economic Activity. At times this trough is simply a minor slowdown in economic growth causing slight raise in unemployment, but if sever for example a drop in the level of national output during a six month period, this is called a recession. Longer and even more severe troughs are called depressions where inflation may even be negative.•Expansion: A period of growth in which economic activity or production tends to increase from month to month and year to year is termed an expansion. Expansions usually last about three to four years, but some have gone on as a long as a decade. After a lag time, employment grows, unemployment falls and inflation gradually starts to accelerate. The early part of an expansion is often termed a recovery.•Peak: A period of expansion eventually reaches a peak. Here unemployment reaches its lowest level and inflation is high. Occurs when economy is stretched to its productive capacity; where there is full employment of resources and a nation is actually outside of its PPC.•Long-Run Trend: Business-cycle expansions and contractions fluctuate around the long-run trend, indicated in this exhibit as the straight, blue line. The long-run trend represents the production capacity of the economy and full employment.BUSINESS CYCLE in 08 Australian economy appears to be entering a contractionary stage. As a result of this contraction, particular objectives may be affected both theoretically and in real life.Economists may expect that unemployment may increase. The inflation is a major focus in the Aust. Economy after a boom.A part explanation as to why has started to increase is that imports have not been sufficient to cancel out other factors contributing to inflation. Domestically driven inflation go into a contractionary stage is evident in the first part of 2008.*Why isn't inflation HIGH on the peak? This is because increasing demand from China, as we keep importing. A lot of money is going...

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Effects of the 2005 budget on economic activity, price stability, economic growth, full Employment and inflation.

943 words - 4 pages Federal Treasurer, Peter Costello, brought down his 10th Budget saying it is framed for the future, the future opportunities of young people, the future care of the aged, the future health services that Australians will need and demand, the security of the nation, and the future growth of the Australian economy which is necessary to realize these goals.Peter Costello said the economic management of the Australian Government affects the lives of

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1672 words - 7 pages this can have on an economy are enormous. This analysis will examine whether Australia has implemented such policies effectively and if so what affect this is having on the economy. This analysis will take form under the following sub headings:The value of immigration to AustraliaThe composition of migrants who venture to our countryCurrent government immigration policyImpact on current economic conditionsLong vs. short term implicationsOptimum

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634 words - 3 pages The contribution of the tourism industry to economic growth and employment is now being recognised although, in international terms, Australia still lags well behind in tourism receipts. In 1982, Australia's relative share of the market represented only 1.4 per cent of the OECD total, placing Australia on a par with countries such as Sweden and Portugal but eight to ten times below the level of the United States, Italy or France.A 1981-82 survey

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Economic Reform/Policy Mix, Covers macro and micro economic reforms in Australia

1450 words - 6 pages measured by PPP-adjusted GDP, about 1.7% of the world economy. Australia is the 19th-largest importer and 19th-largest exporter. The Reserve Bank of Australia publishes forecasts of the economy quarterly.The Australian economy is dominated by its service sector, comprising 68% of GDP. The mining sector represents 10% of GDP; the "mining-related economy" represents 9% of GDP - the total mining sector is 19% of GDP. Economic growth is largely dependent

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1122 words - 4 pages Migrants have made many contributions to the economic, social and cultural development of Australia. From the government projects such as the snowy mountains scheme to the establishment of the publicly paid television channel SBS; migrants have been one of the main reasons as to why our country's economy has increased immensely. Migrants have developed Australia's society by giving it a good image, educating people and being in the media. Also

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1118 words - 4 pages Country ComparisonAustralia Cuba SingaporeTotal Population 19 913 144 11 263 429 4 224 000Work Force 10 190 000 5 550 000 2 010 000Unemployed 519 690 227 550 202 750Australia is the sixth largest country in the world. It is located south of Indonesia with a population of 19 913 144 (July 2004 est.) Australia is comprised of 6 states and 2 territories. Australia is an advanced market economy. A market economy is organised through a series of

The economic effects (positive and negataive) of immigration in Australia

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3528 words - 14 pages depend upon the kind of relationship the child has with parents and other adults. The resolution of the conflicts in stage 1 in turn affects the outcomes of the subsequent stages of development.Psychoanalytic theory has received considerable criticism mainly because the concepts associated with it are difficult to objectify and as a result are not easily subjected to scientific inquiry. On the other hand, psychoanalytic theory has made significant

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3119 words - 13 pages Article/Journal. SCHOLARLY ARTICLE: This source is a scholarly article written by Barrie Dyster, who analyzes the role of Australia in the Global Economy. He relates Australia’s economy to the varying economies in the world, and speaks directly of the continuities and changes their economy goes through. He even notes the relationship between the American Great Depression and the aftershock of depression that courses through Australia. This

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