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Economic Benefits Of Nuclear Power Essay

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ECONOMIC BENEFITS OF NUCLEAR POWEREconomic Benefits of Nuclear PowerRobert GlodenFlorida TechApril 6, 2014There are many different forms of electric energy offered these days, ranging anywhere from coal and natural gas all the way to nuclear power. While these different energy sources can each offer many different economic benefits of their own, I believe that nuclear power plants can provide the most significant benefits. Nuclear power plants create hundreds of jobs in many different ways and can be much more cost effective than all of the other energy sources. I consider nuclear power as one of the best economic options for a country to use in order to enrich its economy.Any type of power plant in the world, whether it be coal, oil, or nuclear (my personal favorite), will provide some amount of jobs. According to a recent study, the nuclear industry creates double, sometimes even triple, the amount of jobs that any other power company provides, as well as an increased income (Nuclear Energy Institute [NEI], 2013). This study only reflects the jobs created when the plant is operational, but there is a large impact on the economy during the entire life cycle of a nuclear power plant. One of the largest job influxes comes with the construction of a nuclear power plant. This job creation ranges from the construction workers that work directly at the plant all the way to the companies that make the materials needed for the construction. According to a recent article, "A single new nuclear power plant requires approximately 400,000 cubic yards of concrete, 66,000 tons of steel, 44 miles of piping, 300 miles of electric wiring, and 130,000 electrical components" (NEI, 2013, p. 4, para. 3). As you can imagine, this is a huge boom in business for the companies that can provide these materials. Over the next 20 years, there is hope for 30 new nuclear reactors in the United States alone, as well as over 100 worldwide. This will create close to 40,000 manufacturing jobs by 2024 in the United States alone, creating billions of dollars in income (Clean and Safe Energy Coalition [CASE], 2009).In addition to the need for the manufacturing of supplies that comes along with any new construction project, there is also a need for the work of the construction workers who will physically build the plant. Nuclear reactors create 3,500 construction jobs during construction of a single plant (NEI, 2013). Due to all of the new nuclear power plant construction expected in the coming years, it is estimated that tens of thousands of jobs will be created for the communities surrounding the new plants (CASE, 2009). Along with the jobs that are created during the construction of the new plants, we must analyze the jobs that are established after construction is complete. Due to the large size and labor-intensive nature that requires a high number of workers to operate these plants, nuclear plants create the largest workforce annual income and some of the largest economic...

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