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Economic And Political Issues In Egypt

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What was once a great and powerful empire has started to become a civil war zone. They created the Pyramids and one of the first recorded libraries. While Egypt has had hard times in the past, they recovered from them, the civil war that they are in right now will be harder to recover from once it’s over. With war and economic problems causing people to die frequently due to either starvation or gunfire, Egypt struggles to survive and bounce back from their issues. Egypt continues to deal with the fighting and their future doesn’t look bright for them.
Egypt was one of the first and largest countries beginning in 4000 BC when the Lower and Upper kingdoms merged to create one big country. It was conquered multiple times before becoming its own country again. In 525 BC, Egypt was conquered by Persia and was led under their rule until 332 BC. Alexander the Great took over Egypt from Persia in 332 BC and ruled until 30 BC After Cleopatra killed herself at the age of 39, the Byzantine Province ruled Egypt. Napoleon ruled Egypt from 1798 until 1801 when Islam started to spread and Mohammed and his army took it over. In 1869, the Suez Canal was finished and England seized control. Eventually, Egyptian Nationalism was able to force Britain out of Egypt, On February 28, 1922, Egypt became its own country (Geography).
Egypt’s government first began to struggle with protestors and civil war earlier in 2011. They were having issues keeping crime rate down and keeping people from protesting against President Morsi because he wasn’t fulfilling the promises he made. To help control these conflicts, police were given live ammunition and were told to keep the protests at bay (Abi-Habib). Police were seen shooting into crowds of protestors and also used tear gas, which severally irritates the eyes, in the city of Cairo (Geography). This was not helping to control the situation; in fact, it made things worse by infuriating the citizens because the police were killing innocent people. The people began to revolt, which did mainly the opposite of what the government intended to happen. On July 27, 2011 the Muslim Brotherhood had a sit in in Cairo. Police started to shoot at the crowd and killed about 80 people. In the span of a month 2000 people had been killed including 200 police officers. (Geography) Instead of trying to control a group of protestors that had camped outside of President Morsi’s house that were trying to get him to help the civil war instead of feeding it, police shot at them and killed almost 600 people. (Abi-Habib) Egypt’s president was blamed for everything because not only did he enforce the killing and the stopping of the protests with force, but he also didn’t do anything to make the situation better. Morsi went on trial in early November of this year and was charged with encouraging the murder of everyone who had died. (Geography) I agree with the verdict because he wasn’t making anything better by killing off the protestors. He wasn’t...

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