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Economic And Social Decline Of The Jewish People Within The Polish Region (1400 1917)

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Throughout the history of the Jewish People, there have been eras of change, for the better or worse, affected the Jewish experience. Time changes people, but the effect of society and surrounds changes people as well. As time goes on, the Jewish people and their social conditions, religious practice, governance, culture, and way of life is altered by events in history. These effects can be seen across many regions that have shaped the Jewish experience into what it is today. One region that has seen prominent, almost exponential change is the Polish region of Central Europe. Jewish people witnessed a downfall of its people due to hostility in this region between the fifteen century and the twentieth century. As the Kingdom of Poland transformed into the Russian Pale of Settlement, its people experienced a decline economically in terms of subsidence and socially due to the treatment from Non-Jews.
Between the fifteenth and seventeenth century, under Ottoman, Jews were treated as dhimmis. A dhimmi is a non-Muslim citizen of an Islamic state. These dhimmi were allowed to reside in the empire, as well as having their rights fully protected with certain restriction. They were equals in terms of property, obligation, and contract [1]. Jews contributed to the Ottoman Empires growth economically, and were welcomed by the Empire. Although treated as dhimmis, they could do business with non-Jews, and live together in coexistence. Jews adopted many lifestyles and culture from non-Jews during this time: the way the dress, foods they eat, music they listen to, and languages they spoke [2]. Although still considered different, Jews and Non-Jews lived together without too much hostility. According a French Historian, Claude Cahan, Islam has “"shown more toleration than Europe towards the Jews who remained in Muslim lands.” [3]
During this era, Jews could hold many jobs. There were very few restrictions on occupations that could be held by the Jews. Many worked as traders, or in the financial world. Jewish families were powerful bankers and financiers [4]. Many Jews were very wealthy living within the Ottoman Empire and neighboring countries [2].
As Dr. Benjamin states in the Relation with Non-Jews in the Thematic Topics of Lesson 10, “Jews and their non-Jewish neighbors lived in uneasy co-existence” [2]. They were treated as dhimmi, and held many jobs from tax collector to financers. Many centuries later, the situation took a dire turn for the worse, as Russia began moving westward as the economic situation of the Kingdom of Poland began to decline.
Although there had been an uneasy feeling revolving the Jewish people in the Kingdom of Poland between the fifteenth and sixteenth century, none were comparable to the anti-Jewish enactments prepared by the monarchs of Russia when the land was annexed under Russian rule. This newly annexed land (later to be coined the “Pale of Settlement” by Czar Nicholas I [MJH]), was created by Catherine the Great in 1791 (refer...

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