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Who finances education in the state of Florida? What are the sources of the funds? What is the relationship with the government overseeing these funds? These are all questions, which after the reader who reads this article, will be able to answer. The reader will also become aware of the trend of spending and explanation of the spending of those funds, the existence of a partnership between businesses and the state function, and the future of the function. The sole purpose of this essay is to shed light on the funds and to see exactly where and how the tax payer's money is being spent towards education.From the funds provided for the functions of the State Board of Education (Department of Education) there are two categories of items: funds for Operations of the Department and funds for Targeted Expenses for special projects that support the K-20 education system (2008). The current appropriated funds for Florida educational operating budgets are $20 billion dollars. That $20 billion comes from three different sources: $14.8 billion from the general revenue fund, $1.3 from the lottery, and $3.9 billion from other trust funds (2008). The grades K-12 have a budget breakdown within the Florida Education Finance Program (FEFP): $147.5 million for teacher pay, $116.9 million for reading instruction, $12.5 million supplemental funding for DJJ education programs, $2.7 billion in operating funds for class size reduction, and 9 million for A++. A++ is House Bill 7087 the Legislature passed in 2006 that pertains to education. Some of the highlights for the K-12 budget are: funding for the FEFP, in state and local revenue is $19.3 billion and FEFP fund per student will $7,305.79 (2008).The American school system originated as an extension of fundamental social units: families, churches, and communities. Repeated waves of reform succeeded in fully institutionalizing public schooling and schools came to operate under a formal system of public authority (2008). The State Legislator proposed Bills to help fund the correct programs in Florida's education system. The purpose of the Bills was to establish as an institution independent from state and federal control, the DOE has been transformed into an institution that has multiple layers of government-local, state, and federal Work with school districts to identify minority and misrepresented students are participation in AP or other advanced courses(2008). The Legislator works with school districts and provides information to students and parents which explains available opportunities for the student to take AP and other advanced courses and describes enrollment procedures that the student must follow in order to enroll in such courses (2008). The DOE provides information to students, parents, teachers, counselors, administrators, districts, community colleges, and state universities regarding PSAT/NMSQT or PLAN administration (2008). Some of the Bills have annual reports due to the Governor and Legislature...

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