Economic Condition And Health Essay

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The relation between economic condition and health is extremely robust across
communities. Many factors exogenous to income play an important role in
Determining health status is including a number of environmental, geographical, and evolutionary factors. some important unanswered questions are identified and Potential health impacts on national economic performance are explored. The importance of insurance coverage can be considered from two viewpoints: protective people against the costs of providing health; and providing universal
coverage of health services in order that people have access to cheap and adequate health services. One of the most significant parameters effective on human capital performance is the role of individual health and its related indexes in enhancing economic level of a country so that one of the important subjects is investment in individuals’ education. education, unemployment, Poverty, work conditions, riends, workplaces, physical environments and social support all significantly affect health.


Poverty and diseases occur together. Governments have undertaken to run some programs for finance health care by governmental or
NGOs' resources to promote public health. Researcher have examined poverty as cause and consequence of poor health. poverty is prejudicial to health as a result of it restricts access to medical care and healthy living conditions. as an example, the risk of infectious disease will increase in crowded and poorly environments like prisons and risk of infection with protozoal infection is higher in poorly made homes that are less effective at preventing the entry of vector mosquitoes. moreover, since each interference and effective treatment of adverse health events cost money, the poor don't seem to be solely seemingly to suffer from pathological state more...

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