Economic Development Because Of Rural Areas Migration

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Urban rural migration refers to as the change of people from one geographical area to another, whether permanently or temporarily. The reasons as to why people make migrate usually differ from ones personal level. Migration, therefore, has socio- economic, demographic and educational characteristics that affect a particular individual or family. If development was referred as having access to available resources, we see that whether it is access to clean water, income, health care, good and clean environment, or education then rural areas would not be at par. Urban areas have better incomes, infrastructure and basic commodities; we still find that most people still reside in the rural areas and villages.

In today’s society, we find that urban- rural migration exists (William 1970), there are many factors that could lead to that, such as retirement, unemployment, a particular crisis, transfer of jobs and old age. Social factors might be such as traffic problems, high crime rate, housing issues, congestion in the city and unemployment. These problems have risen up, such that many politicians tend to use rural development in their campaigns so that they could be voted for and once they get in the office, rural development is put behind them. This paper will focus mainly on the potentialities of urban rural migration and how it can transform the rural areas into a mainstream economic development.

In many areas, agriculture should change from sub commercial so as to enable transformation of the economy of the rural areas. This means that the objectives of land policies should change. Farm worth ideally is aggregated in order to allow increase in marketable supply of production. This will change from the normal traditional subsistence farming where by one owns particular small pieces of land.

We find that many youth tend to go to the city to work, since there are many job opportunities, but nonetheless due to high rural- urban migration. There is high unemployment and people start to rely on other methods to get money such as robbery, relying on ‘sugar daddy’s and conning people. As much as the wages are high in the city, it does not correspond with the high cost of living. This causes dillusionment and thus psychological problems; this mostly leads to alcohol abuse especially among the youth. This shows that improving public services and creating employment in the rural areas can guarantee one good housing and income and enhance economic development in the rural area.

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