Economic Development And Its Repercussion On Environment

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Economic Development and its Repercussion on EnvironmentEconomic Development is one of the most hotly debated topics. Development sounds interesting……na? Well it sounds a little more interesting if we take a closer look at it. It can be disintegrated into two parts 'develop' and 'men'. Hence the word ultimately means developing man. Hence the centre focus object is human being and his welfare. Economic Development is all the more and more interesting concept. It focuses on the improvement of standard of living and economic health of human.It's a well-known proverb: "To gain something, we have to sacrifice something". But the matter of fact centralises to one point which is; do we are gaining more and sacrificing less or sacrificing more and gaining less? There will be gain in real terms or total welfare exist only when we gain more and sacrifice less.The same instance has happened with our environment. In order to gain economic development we have sacrificed our environment. Building blocks are being constructed after doing deforestation, life-giving medicines are being made whose toxic and harmful chemical residuals are dumped to river, sea and other water bodies. We only notice skyscrapers, expensive cars on broad roads, superfast metros, high standard of living in some particular area but real cause of concern still remains unnoticed which are occurring at the outskirts of developing cities where water stagnates, dirty wastage piles up at the road side, people don't have drinking water. Only polluted air, land, water everywhere.We have already wasted and destroyed vast amounts of natural resources, and in so doing have put earth at risk. We must preserve the earth for our children and grandchildren. In any case, poverty and environmental damage are often linked. Destroying the rainforest gives native peoples nowhere to go except urban slums. Polluted water can lead to crop failures. Climate change will turn fertile fields into desert and flood coastal areas where hundreds of millions live. Developing countries have to choose sustainable development if they want a future for their people. Nations are losing more from pollution than they are gaining from industrialisation. Uncontrolled economic development have created serious, chronic air and water pollution. This has increased health problems and resulted in annual losses to farmers of crops worth billions of dollars. So uncontrolled growth is not only bad for the environment, it is also makes no economic sense.Economic activity, both production and consumption, relates to the environment in two ways - we draw resources (both renewable and non-renewable) from the environment to produce goods and services, and we emit wastes into the environment in the process of both producing and consuming. Effects of environmental pollution due to economic development has its immense impact all over the world. From global warming to deforestation, from over utilization of non-renewable...

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