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Atlanta Georgia is a city filled with innovators, hustlers, and entrepreneur. Atlanta is a vibrant city full of economic opportunities. The city is home to many thriving fortune 500 companies like HD Supply Inc, UPS and Coca-Cola. Also, Atlanta is a hub for development projects like the Atlanta Streetcar project And Centennial Olympic Park….. These projects show a tiny glimpse of the many economic programs in Atlanta and all of them have a positive impact on the progress of the city.
In Atlanta, officials come and go with development projects to make the city an amazing place to live, work in, and visit. Atlanta has an Economic Development Team, The Metro Atlanta Chamber. The Metro Atlanta Chamber helps to support business opportunities in the city. These opportunities also include domestic opportunities and companies that want to relocate their businesses to the city of Atlanta. Being the city that provides opportunities that draw international businesses is one of the many benefits including keeping Atlanta Georgia at the forefront in a global business market.
The metro Atlanta Chamber has many resources to help businesses succeed in the city. The Chamber can help business owners with starting business, growing a business, supply chain and manufacturing assistance, workforce development resources and more. The resources offered by the chamber follow the expectations of any development program as discussed in Stability and Change in County Economic Development Organizations written by authors Jongsun Park and Richard C. Feiock.
Park and Feiock explain that the roles of these types of organizations include the roles of, entrepreneurs, developers, coordinators, facilitators, and stimulators” (Feiock, 2012).
Atlanta has several economic developmental projects taking place. 2013 was a great year for the city, which included becoming home to state farm insurance, Pulte Group, Caterpillar, among many others. In July 2013, state farm added 800 jobs to the city.
One of the city’s biggest developmental projects is the Atlanta beltline. According to, The Atlanta Beltline is the most comprehensive transportation and economic development effort ever undertaken in the City of Atlanta and among the largest, most wide-ranging urban redevelopment programs currently underway in the United States (, 2014).
The Beltline is a sustainable developmental project that gives citizens who use it access transportation to their jobs parks and neighborhoods within the perimeter of Atlanta. As explained on, the Atlanta Beltline will ultimately connect 45 in town neighborhoods, provide first and last mile connectivity for regional transportation initiatives, and put Atlanta on a path to 21st century economic growth and sustainability (, 2014). To further show the projects sustainability, the project has many benefits for the city including, 22 miles of rail transit, 33 miles of multi-use trails, 1,300 acres...

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