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Economic Disparity And Policies Lead To Prison

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Introduction According to Marc Mauer, (1998) the prisoners detained in US jails close to half of the prison inmates are African-Americans, as compared to others (Marc Mauer, 1998). It is fared that if current policies and the state of economic disparity remain in place, it is likely that the number of this unfortunate community / minorities will increase over the next few years and the economic disorder will keep increasing the economic and racial disparities and the state of imprisonment will grow even further. The situation as is being anticipated, despite the drop in crime in recent years, may easily be said to be largely fueled by the element of poverty and the harsher sentencing policies that have resulted in more recurrent and frequent prison terms for African Americans. Marc Mauer, (1998) has opined in his article under reference that if African Americans continue to be met with the same kind treatment they are likely to continue to be drug offenders and continue to represent a substantial proportion of the prison population. The policies based on racial discrimination have been another grey area and the gap in our policies, will further affect minorities who have already been disproportionately affected by economic disparities and weak drug enforcement practices and policies. Effects of Economic Disparity and Policies on African Americans African Americans in US society have unequal access to basic necessities and other resources; due to poor economic conditions. Moreover they are being excluded from access to basic resources, and are being subjected to the degrading treatment, which causes lot of hatred and discontentment in them. The logical question that rises in every body’s mind is about the future of this community that is struggling hard to earn some bread but harsh and discriminatory policies are proving to be the stumbling block in their route to progress. According to one estimate of the recent World Bank report, more over twenty five per cent people live in extreme poverty condition and according to Rahman, (1998) quoted Poverty Net, (2002) the gap between the poor and rich in terms of both wealth and consumption is on rise. Focusing on the affairs of African Americans Marc Mauer, (1998) has quoted higher rates of crime among African American, for the most part for the more serious offenses that are likely to result in a prison term, are enough of the evidence for provision of the explanation for the causes, mainly of course being economic disparities in our society. Marc Mauer, (1998) feels that since African Americans constituted over thirty two % of arrests for property crimes and forty three % for violent crimes, there must be some potent factors that are responsible for such an alarming figure of detained persons in prison. The researchers believe that much of the disparity in economic status and other differences in offending relates to income levels of this community suggest that it is not so much poverty itself, but...

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