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Economic Effects Of Hurricane Katrina Economic Essay

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Jaquan Thomas
Economic effects of Hurricane Katrina
Important to realize, Hurricane Katrina was the 5th Hurricane in the year of 2005 Atlantic hurricane season. Hurricane Katrina is one of the most natural disaster in history in the United States. In reality, a lot of properties have been destroyed during and after Hurricane Katrina otherwise it cost the government lots of money to help everyone survived. It was one of the costliest disasters in U.S. history. Also about 81,000 businesses have been closed for a while and there were a loan over $6.5 million to stores and other businesses. As can be seen, during Hurricane Katrina gas prices went up over $3.00 per gallon including Florida, Texas and Mississippi as well. In just a few hours after the storm, the economy started to decrease.
The storms increased caused serve and life threatening damage along the Gulf Coast and, finally flooded 80% of New Orleans. Many people died, and were stranded without water, food, or shelter. Also several of the people living in property will have to start their lives over again, living with only hope and courage and with what people have to offer. A large number of people would have survived having enough time to evacuate the area or to make plans to go live with other relatives in other states. I think the economic devastation of Hurricane Katrina could have been prevented if the Bush administration and government would have move quicker and contacted the state of Louisiana. In addition, I believe that the Bush administration and the federal government could have also been more prepared by building the levee system near Mississippi River to withstand a Category 5...

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