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In 2007-2009 the recession in the U.S economy was long and deep. At some point the economic activity was reasonable in 2008, but the economy overtaken by a financial problems that could improve the economic weaknesses. The economy was recovered in mid of 2009. GDP has been in a stable path since then, although the jump has been unequal and slowed down in 2011. The high rate of long term unemployment and the labor rate has decreased the labor market. In the paragraphs below, I’m going to define the fiscal policy and explain how it could resolve the economic paths in the short term long term.
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There is no necessary tradeoff between these two objectives. They can be mutually reinforcing; a credible commitment to dealing with the long-term debt problem relieves investor uncertainty and increases the near term reason to spend, while dealing with the short term problem of weak aggregate demand puts the economy on a stronger growth path, which increases tax revenue and affluences the long term debt problem. Once the short term problem of weak demand is solved and the economy has returned to a normal growth path, the appropriate policy response for an economy with a looming debt crisis is arguably fiscal consolidation cutting deficits. Such a policy is thought to have the benefits of low and stable interest rates, a less fragile financial system, improved investment prospects, and possibly faster long-term growth. To address the government’s long term fiscal problem, Congress passed on August 2, 2011, the Budget Control Act of 2011. The Budget Control Act (BCA) sets caps on discretionary spending. It also created the Congressional Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, whose task was to propose further policy changes that would lead to $1.5 trillion in further deficit reduction over 10 years. The joint committee was unable to reach an agreement on how to achieve further deficit reduction. In the absence of an agreement, the BCA established a process for automatic spending...

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