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Economic Impact Of Poor Power Quality On Industry

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Executive SummarySri Lanka has experienced power shortages from time to time since the early 1990s.These are mainly the result of generating capacity shortages and the inability ofhydropower plants to meet system demand during times of heavy droughts, which comeabout every four to five years. The extent of such power shortages has increased in recentyears due to growing electricity demand coupled with inadequate additions to thermalcapacity. In particular, new generation capacity additions as proposed in the long-termgeneration expansion plan of the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) have not beenimplemented in accordance with approved time schedules. The resulting power shortageshave caused both planned and unplanned power interruptions that have seriously affectedthe quality of power supplied to consumers. This situation is common throughout SouthAsia, where the economies are significantly affected by poor power quality.Under the South Asia Regional Initiative/Energy (SARI/Energy) Project of USAID,Nexant SARI/Energy, the technical assistance contractor, has undertaken to study andassess the economic impact of poor power quality on industry in the South Asia region,comprising the countries of Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and India. This technicalassessment evaluates the costs to these economies resulting from higher energy costs andenvironmental impacts of Backup Unit Generation (BUG) and the loss of production dueto poor power quality & reliability.This report presents the Sri Lanka component of the regional study.Due to time and budget limitations, the Sri Lanka study was confined to a sampleconsisting of 150 industrial installations encompassing all subcategories of industries(Classification of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka) that provide a significant contribution tothe country's GDP. In addition, the tea and coconut processing industries and the hotelsector also were included in the sample.The study found that the main economic impact of power interruptions, both planned andunplanned, is the loss of output in the industrial sector. These losses can be as high asUS$ 81 million annually (0.65% of GDP) under a typical scenario (300 hours of plannedoutages) of imposing power interruptions such as those experienced during 2001. Alsothe impact due to unplanned outages can be as high as US$ 47 million (0.38% of GDP) ina typical year having 100 hours of unplanned outages. This is a significant economic lossespecially in comparison to the 4.5 % to 5% average GDP growth that has taken place inSri Lanka during the last few years.The economic losses due to planned and unplanned power interruptions can also beexpressed in other forms. One commonly used measure is the economic loss (in US$) perunit of supply (kWh); identified as the cost of un-served energy.Based on this study, the cost of un-served energy for the Sri Lanka system is estimated tobe US$ 0.66 (Rs.59)/kWh for planned interruptions and US$1.06 (Rs.97)/kWh...

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