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Economic Imperialism Is A Significant Factor In Colonization. Discuss In Detail How Philosophical Approaches To Economics Have Affected Colonial C...

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Economic imperialism is a central part of the ongoing contemporary colonization of indigenous peoples in Canada. Since the colonial era marked the beginning of imperialism in North America, an intricate web of power and domination have formed leaving Indigenous communities in the grip of its economic philosophy. This has led to the ongoing contribution to the disposition of Indigenous peoples in Canada. Economic imperialism can be defined as the need for countries to expand their territories in order to collect resources from their colonies. This illustrates the inherent unsustainability of colonial settler society. In this essay I will look at how the impacts of economic imperialism has had an effect on the development of the indigenous peoples in Canada. A brief historical overview of early economic philosophies such as the foundational thought of John Locke () will provide a backdrop to the development of modern economic imperialism in Canada. I will then critically interpret and address the effects of these philosophies have had on the socio-economic landscape in present day Canada. Economic imperialism has had diverse impacts in Canada across space and time. As a diverse group of nations in an increasingly connected world economic initiatives in Canada have the ability to either make progress or impede it. Thus, to understand the processes of imperialism and its impacts on the indigenous populations in Canada, it must be critically interrogated.
Imperialism is long, ongoing colonial project that its roots in the early imperialist expansion of Canada. This began with the earliest exploration and settlement of Canada around the 15th Century by European explorers in search for places to settle and natural resources. John Locke (the founding father of liberalism and principle colonialist...

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