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The United States home building industry is currently under great strain as a direct result of the staggering economy. This industry once reported substantial revenue figures and well-deserved profits, but is now reporting below average figures on the total amount of homes built, amount of homes purchased, and the industry's overall net income. In order to determine what the future holds for the home building industry, an economic forecast must be compared and contrasted for the prominent economic indicators. This paper will compare two different 18-month forecasts for six economic indicators, a reconciliation of the differences between forecasts, and a rationalization for which forecasts our team believes to be the most accurate within the home building industry.Compare & Contrast Six Economic Indicators:Interest Rate: Interest rates on residential mortgages are influenced by longer-term trend changes of economic indicators and changes that occur monthly. Currently, mortgage interest rates are 5.5%. A comparison of two different forecasts show projected interest rates for the first quarter of 2009 at 5.2% and 5.6%, with a difference in forecasts of .4%. Projected rates for the second quarter of 2010 are 6.2% and 5.8%. During the third quarter of 2009 both forecasts have the same rate of 5.9% (Financial Forecast Center, 2008 and U.S. Economic Outlook, 2008)Housing Starts: Housing Starts determine the number of privately owned new homes on which construction has been started in a given period. During October 2008, there was an adjusted annual rate of 708,000 for building permits for privately owned houses (U.S. Census, 2008). A comparison of two different housing starts forecast project for the first quarter of 2009 rates of 768,000 and 741,000, with a difference of 27,000. Projected rates for the second quarter of 2010 are 774,000 and 741,000, with a difference of 33,000 (Financial Forecast Center, 2008 and U.S. Economic Outlook, 2008).Producer Price Index (PPI). The Bureau of Labor Statistics releases a monthly report that shows the trends within the wholesale market, manufacturing industries, and commodities markets called the producer price index. Team C was unable to find two 18 month forecast for the Producer Price Index. A comparison of two different PPI forecasts show the first quarter of 2008 with a PPI rate of 187% and project first quarter 2009 at 200%, with a difference of 13%. Rates for the second quarter of 2009 are projected at 213% and the second quarter of 2010 at 187%, with a difference of 26%.Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The Gross Domestic Product is a key economic indicator and is the total market value of all final goods and services produced within the country in a given period of time, which measures overall growth. A comparison of two different forecasts end 2008 with GDP rates of 1.8% and 1.2%, with a .6% difference in forecasts. One forecast ends 2009 with a projected rate of 2.6%, while the second forecast closes...

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