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Economic Instability, Physical And Emotional Damage Due To The United States Presence In Afghanistan Since 1980

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The people of Afghanistan continue to suffer as they serve as a target of Imperialistic powers such as Russia and the United States. It has suffered enormous damages as a result of terrorist attacks, Soviet imperialism and the current ongoing issue with U.S military occupation. In 1992, the pro-Soviet government of Mohammad Najibullah collapsed and U.S.-backed rebels took power. The Taliban eventually seized Kabul after a violent civil war that killed thousands more. It ruled with a strict interpretation of Islamic law until it was ousted by the U.S. led invasion. Although Taliban’s rule has weakened ever since, the U.S military occupation has further elevated the country’s economic ...view middle of the document...

The Asian Foundation was able to conduct an interview across 34 provinces of Afghanistan. Expert survey teams were deployed in July 2013 to gather the opinions and perspectives of a nationally representative sample of 9,260 Afghan men and women. 962 male and female enumerators conducted face-to-face interviews. The survey portrayed different views on certain issues between social classes, men and women, ethnic groups and regions. The vast differences can be easily seen among each group interviewed, particularly men and women. Although, in Afghanistan, women have made significant political, economic, and educational gains compared to past dS`ecades, including the fact that Constitution of Afghanistan itself contains the Law on Elimination of Violence against Women (EVAW) the situation remains doubtful. Many men, especially from rural parts of Afghanistan continue to partake in domestic violence towards. “Female and male respondents agree that education/illiteracy and lack of rights are among the most significant problems facing women. However, a lack of job opportunities for women was more likely to be cited by women (18%) than men (13%), and domestic violence was a more important issue for female respondents (11%) than male respondents (8%).” The biggest women rights issue appears to be lack of education and illiteracy and violence. Afghan women are subjected to an increasingly dangerous environment, especially after the years of war living under Taliban’s strict sharia law. During the Taliban period, their laws strengthened extremism and misogyny in a =fghan society causing the rise of gender crimes and sexual violence of women. As a result, most women suffered emotional trauma and even after the Taliban rule, these issues continue to exist. “According to AIHRC’s research, the predominated violence against women is physical violence. During the covered period, 88914 instances of physical violence have been recorded. Among many instances of physical violence, 14 Two answers were unclear, so they were not counted, analyzed and illustrated in figure No 2. Violence Against Women In Afghanistan 14 kicking(407), slapping (129) and beating with wire (105)were the most common acts of physical violence. Moreover, pulling out hair (78), using a knife (41) and beating with stick are further common instances of physical violence happened during the covered period of this report. Pushing (26), burning (20), using stones or soil (16), using a weapon (11), beating with a gun butt (4), amputation (2), poisoning (2), spraying acid (2) and other instances (19) are other kinds of physical violence perpetrated against women during the six months covered by this report.” Furthermore, women are affected by the current ongoing armed conflict between the Taliban and the U.S soldiers. Many women have lost their lives or were severely injured in suicide attacks, drone strikes and explosions of roadside bombs. Sexual violence is another common issue, although it is not...

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