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Economic Policy And Global Economy Essay

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Pre-module assignmentStudent name :Xu JingRuClass:bsc18(C)Module title:EPGEWord count: 1442Content1.0. Introduction of Export-oriented country Singapore………………..21.1. Body of "the Impact of Euro zone crisis to export-oriented country"1.2. Analysis of export-oriented country................................................21.3. Conclusion of "the Impact of Euro zone crisis to export-oriented country………………………………………………..................................42.0. Introduction of inflationary………........................................................42.1 How the government managing an inflationary…………………………53.0. Conclusion......................................................................................64.0. Reference........................................................................................7Introduction of Export-oriented country SingaporeSingapore is the 14th largest export-oriented country all over the world. International trade has strongly influenced its economy. Singapore exports of electronics and chemicals, and services. Eurozone was a large export market for Singapore before the Eurozone crisis.The Impact of Euro zone crisis to Export-oriented countryThe Eurozone crisis that the European sovereign debt crisis. Its means after the 2008 financial crisis, the debt crisis in Greece and other EU countries occurred. Eurozone crisis affect every country in the world, especially in export-oriented countries .and the Eurozone crisis is the main risk facing Singapore's economy and financial system. The accumulation of massive and unsustainable deficits and public debt levels in a number of peripheral economies threatened the Eurozone's viability by the end of its first decade, triggering a Eurozone sovereign debt crisis.Since Eurozone crisis a lot of European changes them ahead and excessive concept of consumption and Improve the savings rate. The savings deposits of residents' rate were significantly increased. And by the decline in wages; rising unemployment and rising food and energy prices and so on there are factors of euro plunged.The financial crisis has led a lot of persons to be unemployment. Because of losing job, a lot of persons have no money to go to shopping, and they want to save money for further life. That is why people stop shopping and there is no need to import goods as more as before. Increases in the price of food and energy that cause less and less persons spend money on the other things such as Tourism and entertainment. That led the Tourism and recreation cut down the number of employees. It is a vicious circle of finance crisis.In this time of Eurozone would not need to import a lot from Singapore, so for this year Singapore exports shrank more than expected in...

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