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1) Discuss how a manager leads and motivates the employees under him/her. A) List key principles you believe should underpin how the manager should treat employees in general. B) Discuss took/methods that a good manager will use to ensure employee motivation.In earlier years, it was thought that the average person didn?t enjoy coming to work and that they were most motivated by fear and money. New surveys are motivated by lots of different things. Some organizations still have managers that are acting as if no one likes to work; however most managers, are specially educated to guide, train, support, and teach employees instead of bossing and telling their subordinates what to do. People are willing to work if they feel they are making a difference and are recognized for what they are doing. Personal satisfaction that a worker feels is an intrinsic reward. When managers give you a reward whether it is verbal, public, or private it is called an extrinsic reward.Today?s managers want to form a relationship with their subordinates. They need to have trust as a main issue. Managers also want the input of the employees to be not only heard but took into consideration. This could be done at meetings on a regular and often basis. Also, the more you address and praise your employees the more quality work you will receive.2) Define each economic system around the world and compare each to capitalism.Around the world economics are not all the same. You see extremes on both ends in the same country. There are three different systems around the world, Capitalism , Socialism, and Communism.Capitalism is the system in which all or most of the factors of production and distribution are privately owned and operated for profit. Capitalism has led to the creation of wealth in much of the world. The goal behind capitalism is to allow private ownership of land and businesses, to have liberty and the pursuit of happiness, to allow free trade, and freedom and the profit motive for economic growth. The only problem with capitalism is that not all the people are equal with income. Some are rich, most are poor.Socialism is the economic system based on the premise that most basic businesses should be owned by the government so that profit can be evenly distributed among the people. The biggest downfall is the incentive to go to work and work hard, if everyone makes the same, why work hard and do a good job? The main goal behind socialism, is to allow public ownership for major businesses and private ownership of smaller businesses and shops, to have the government control and be responsible for education, to have very high taxes, and to focus on equality. In comparison to capitalism, socialism offers little to no incentive to go to work, only some free trade is available , freedom of speech assembly are limited.Communism, founded by Kari Marx, is the economic system in which the state (government) makes all of the decisions and owns all majors forms to production. The main...

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2125 words - 9 pages the people do not receive much income. • Mixed economic system This economic system has the characteristics of the three economic systems, which are command, traditional, and market system. The individuals in this system can own resources privately but there is government intervention and the government also owns some resources. The government always checks at the market forces and sees to it that consumers are not exploited. (Mohr, Phillip 2008

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801 words - 4 pages Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “We must lay hold of the fact that economic laws are not made by nature. They are made by human beings.” People are constantly trying to improve anything and everything, and for many years, people have been trying to find the perfect economic system that will be the most beneficial for the majority of society. Numerous theories and ideas have come about, but over time three main types of economic systems have

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1363 words - 6 pages process will be endlessly trapped by arguments about the market would be eased. Democracy would truly mean political equality and allow all those that wished to participate to do so with all the information they require. Works Cited Friedman, Milton. Capitalism and freedom. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1962. Lanchester, John. I.O.U.: why everyone owes everyone and no one can pay. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2010. Lindblom, Charles Edward. Politics and markets: the world's political economic systems. New York: Basic Books, 1977.

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954 words - 4 pages Economics EssayEveryone has needs and wants, needs are limited and wants are not. each country has resources that enable its people to get both what they need and want, but these resources will run out so everyone cant have everything they want, this is called relative scarcity and is a problem in economic systems throughout the world.Every time we decide on a good or service, there is something else we cant have. this is opportunistic cost and

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1374 words - 5 pages Anyone who has ever been seriously cut can tell you, doctors have an exact procedure for treating cuts: First they stop the bleeding; second, they stitch you up; and third they clean up the mess. Likewise if we wish to avoid “bleeding out” our economy, we need to stop foreclosures, make sure people are secure so the “wound” won’t open back up, and clean up the damage from the “cut.” An economic system does not have a built in mechanism like the

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1669 words - 7 pages to be produced* For whom is it to be produced.There are 2 economic systems which are commonly used world-wide. There are: the free market system in which the role for the government is limited and the planned system where the government takes viturally total control. In both of these systmes there are different methods of resource allocation used. There are economies that use a mixture of these systems in particular the planned and free market

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1253 words - 5 pages This paper will focus on the economic impacts of the policy decision by California Governor Brown to decrease funding of the California State University and University of California systems by way of looking at the impact on the economy of less college graduates. I will do this by looking at two variables. I will first look at the multiplier effect of the state putting money into the California State University system and what will happen as a

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1289 words - 5 pages the population living in poverty and without adequate healthcare, housing or economic security? Fundamentally, we characterize and differentiate capitalism from socialism by the way they handle production (industry), distribution, and exchange (trade) of wealth and goods. In capitalism, capital (or the "means of production") is owned, operated, and traded for the purpose of generating profits for private owners or shareholders. Capitalism

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2696 words - 11 pages Topic: Ecological economics addresses the relationships between ecosystems and economic systems in the broadest sense. How the business, stakeholder, manager that achieve ecological economic sustainability?Today's human lives are facing many global serious issues that affect and harm in their daily life. The challenge is how to manage sustainability while keep a profit or responsibility in the society. For the last decades, the number of

Germinal (the movie): Which groups in the movie portray the three economic-political systems; Communism, Socialism, and Capitalism.

1259 words - 5 pages Throughout history there have been many changes that we've incorporated into our daily lives that, and if those events and changes did not occur as they did, we would not know life as it is today. Changes ranging from political ideologies and economic reform to equality rights and fair social justice are only a small portion of the economic, political freedoms and human rights that people fought for in the past for us to enjoy today. In the


986 words - 4 pages . Consumer decides which product stays at the market and which don't and the consumer moves the economy.SystemAn economic system is a system of production and distribution of goods and services as well as distribution of incomes in a community. It includes the mixed combinations of the various institutions, entities, and agencies that comprise the economic structure of a given community. The study of economic systems embraces how these various

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1277 words - 5 pages boring assignment "well done'ECONOMIC SYSTEMS ASSIGNMENTCanada:The Government of Canada is a Federal Parliamentary Democracy and a member of the Common Wealth. The Prime Minister of Canada is the Honorable Jean Chretien. The Deputy Prime Minister is Sheila Copps and the Governor General is Romeo LeBlanc. There are five major political parties in Canada they are; the Progressive Conservatives, the Liberal Party, New Democratic Party, the Reform

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1284 words - 5 pages Comparative Economic Systems Capitalism is the economic system found in the United States, Japan, and Germany that are based on private ownership of productive property. Items are known as productive since their use can produce other objects of economic value, income, or money. Things such as a worker’s tools, a farmer’s fields, or a factory’s machine can be considered as productive property. The basic four factors of

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2477 words - 10 pages The Economic Systems Within the overall umbrella of the word "economy", one speaks today of the market economy, the formal economy, the informal economy, the underground economy, the productive economy and perhaps even the reproductive economy, the post-industrial or post-modern economy and the global economy. Thus while the concept of an economy is not fixed but arbitrary, and may have strayed rather far from the management of household

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1800 words - 7 pages Capitalism Capitalism is an economic system characterized by the private ownership of the means of production, and where production is guided and income distributed largely through the operation of markets. The objective of a capitalist society is to gain profit. Some of its strengths of living inside a Capitalistic economy are the incentive for innovation, efficiency, and economic growth. Unlike socialism, there are opportunities to invent