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Economics Essay

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Linker’s article plainly depicts the ideology of those favoring more of a command economy for America. Elaborating upon the vague overview that America seems to be on the “wrong track”, Linker states that this spawns from a declining economy, most notably an all-time low in job production, middle class wages, and economic equality. These ideas insinuate his preference of a command economy, where the primary economic goals include stability and equality. Targeting the lack of political influence over the economy, Linker notes the seemingly excessive freedoms of entrepreneurs and private businesses, and refers to the potential destruction this may bring to America’s economy through a ...view middle of the document...

Stressing Russia’s incorrect move by hastily pushing the country’s economy into capitalism, as well as its lack of diverse exports, Goldberg demonstrates the criticality of judicious decision-making by a governing body when it comes to economic transitions. China chose instead to follow a gradual acceptance of capitalism, and by reforming the economy to be “deeply integrated into the world’s economy” by diversifying exports as well as utilizing cheap labor, the decisions of the Chinese government, under the control of Deng Xiaoping at the time, demonstrated powerful leadership abilities and a stomach for taking risks. This was made evident through the fact that China’s “GDP quadrupled and its exports almost quintupled” in the following year. Goldberg illustrates his support for such strong government leadership by emphasizing the discrepancy between the two countries’ leadership roles in emerging from communism to accept capitalism, especially by noting China’s particular success where Russia comparatively failed. Thus, his opinion is clear: a mixed economy with strong government influence proves to be quite a success.
Goldberg’s opinion conveniently...

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