Economics Exam Tips For High School Year 11 Exam Tips

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The time spent preparing students between finishing your teaching/learning programme and exam leave is critical so it is worth putting in place a structured revision programme.
Preparation falls into three areas:
· Formal exam etiquette
· Revision of content
· Examination technique
Sitting at a desk for up to three hours of continuous writing and not being able to communicate to others is foreign to even the most prepared of students. The school’s PN or Exam Centre Manager will probably discuss examination behaviour in a formal assembly. These rules/expectations are likely to be more readily understood if you talk students through what to expect and how to behave. Walk them through the whole procedure from before, during and after the exam.
You could discuss the following:
· Where the exam will be held and how the room is set up, how seating is pre-determined, etc.
· The fact that supervisors are not teachers so cannot give subject-help.
· The equipment that is needed for Economics (this information comes from assessment specifications) ~ in the case of Level 2, a blue or black pen (though a spare is useful), a ruler (for graphs) and a calculator.
· The number of booklets they should expect in their plastic pack. It might be that students were originally entered for all three externals but they have actually only been taught two ~ ensure students are clear about which ones they are sitting; they should check standard number and/or its name.
· Get them to consider the order they will attempt standards in (suggest most confident first in case time is an issue).
· How to manage their time, particularly if they are sitting all three externals.
· Stationery they must not use in the exam and why:
· Markers use red pen
· Check markers use green
· If pencil is used the paper cannot be sent for reconsideration
· If white-out fluid is used paper cannot be sent for reconsideration
· What to do if they need more paper, pen runs out etc.
· What to do if they panic (breathe deeply!)
· What to do if they make a mistake.
· What to do when all papers have been completed ~ re-read, ensure anything not to be marked has been crossed out, ensure answers on spare back pages have been numbered and that there is reference to these additional answers within the original writing spaces
While your general advice for students will be to ‘have a go’ at all of the externals for which they are entered, some students will need a one-on-one discussion with you. Talk through with individuals the standards they will attempt and the pros and cons of a void script. Discuss the difference between a SNA (standard not attempted) result and a NA (not achieved) result.
Make sure students know the credits they have in Economics so far and how many more they need for their certificate. Target also the students eligible for a Merit or Excellence endorsed certificate (14 credits at this level of which at least one...

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