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Economy And Government Corruption In The World

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The level of democratization of a country can have an impact on the corruption level. There are multiple variables that can influence both the amount of corruption and the wealth of a nation. These variables-durability, exports, and religion-have different effects on various countries throughout the world. Governments are influenced by these variables, which can be reflected into their policies. A type of government may determine the amount of corruption, which may have economic ramifications. An autocratic regime is structured differently than that of a democratic regime, which may have a negative impact. Authoritarian regimes typically only have one or less political parties, and that ...view middle of the document...

The least corrupt countries in the world are generally Western European and North American countries. Meanwhile, African countries are found to be the most corrupt countries of the different regions. The Eastern European countries are less corrupt than African countries but are still more likely to be corrupt than the other regions with Estonia being the least corrupt country. Countries of Latin America are likely to be corrupt with the least corrupt being Chile, Barbados, and Uruguay, and are also the outliers. Middle Eastern countries are found to be highly corrupt, and Israel is their lone positive outlier. Asian countries have the most spread of corruption amongst all of the region groups, which has some countries occupying the bottom and being the most corruption. Asia also has some of the least corrupted countries in New Zealand, Singapore, and Australia. Countries such as Finland, Denmark, and New Zealand maintain top positions in being the least corrupt countries but have experienced a slight dip in their corruption ratings. There is also a pattern of countries becoming less corrupt, such as Zimbabwe and Venezuela, which were among the most corrupt countries for multiple years. The spread of the plots is reducing but this also means that some countries are becoming more corrupt.
Next, separating the countries by region and observing their TI score measurements throughout the years. Breaking down the corruption in different regions will be helpful by looking at the groupings and possibly noticing a pattern. Making a statistical analysis of the data can become a wealth of knowledge.
Asia’s corruption: Countries of Asia maintain roughly the same corruption rating throughout the years. While having the largest spread of all the different regions there is a decrease in the spread as the years progress. Japan experienced that largest positive gain in their rating, and the bottom countries rise in rating as a whole to become more condensed. New Zealand is also part of the Asian region, and is the least corrupted country as by transparency international.

Western Europe and North America: The many countries of this region experience an increase in government corruption. The countries have become more condensed, which means their statistical spread has decreased. There are only two North American countries, Canada and the United States, which both have some of the least corrupt government of the region. The bottom three countries-Turkey, Italy, and Greece-only account for one outlier in the region, which is Greece.
Eastern Europe: The majority of the nations of Eastern Europe are experiencing a decrease government corruption, and only Ukraine is having an increase in corruption. Eastern Europe’s spread decreases marginally throughout the different years. Latavia is the country that experiences the highest growth in rating. The highest rated country, Latavia, is still seen as having a modest amount of corruption in the government. ...

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