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Economy Hardship For Minorities Essay

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In today’s economy if you were born into the right income bracket you would survive. The economy favors people who have a good education and money to burn. When the economy is not doing well, minorities experience hardship compare to their white counterparts. They struggle to pay for the basic necessities like food, transportation and shelter. African-American and Latinos find themselves lagging behind the income bracket. Even if they work hard it doesn’t guarantee them that they would move up in the income bracket. The fluctuation of the economy puts minorities in a disadvantage position to be equal with white people.
The American economy has become a winner’s take all place if you can reach the front of the line (Clemmitt, 2010, p. 116). A person who has a good education and was born into the right income bracket stands to gain the better portion of the income wealth. Liu (2012) stated a case of an African-American woman named Judith who had a union job but got laid off by her employer (p. 163). The bank foreclosed on her house and she struggled to pay her bills. Judith found herself in good standing with the economy when it was doing well, which opened up opportunities for African-American women after the civil war (Liu, 2012, p. 163). If Judith were born in the upper income bracket the economy would not have turned into a survival for life.
No matter how hard Judith worked, she would not be able to move up in the income bracket. Women of color tend to have more debit than their white counterparts (Liu, 2012, p. 164). This is a result that African-American women tend to work in service jobs that does not give them benefits such as pension, sick days or health insurance (Liu, 2012, p.164). African women, men and Latinos take the jobs that are available for them with the skills they have. This shows that the economy success is fixed against minorities (Liu, 2012, p. 164). Minorities that are born into the lower income level don’t move up into the higher income level when they become...

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