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Economy Of Afghanistan Essay

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The Kite Runner written by Khaled Hosseini, is a fictional narrative following the life of Amir, the son of a wealthy single father known as Baba, and his sibling like relationship with their servant Ali’s son Hassan. Growing up together in Afghanistan during times of peace, they are split up due to unruly events, and the Soviet raid. Leaving behind all their belongings, Amir and Baba escape to America while the place they called home is devastated as the Taliban take over and establish their own regime. Throughout the story, Hosseini’s writings depict the abrupt change in conditions experienced by the people of Afghanistan, as the cruel demeanor of this terrorist group’s reign reflects upon the country. With the fall of the government, came the destruction of any economic foundation this Islamic nation once had, thus taking away the basic needs of its residents. Today, Afghanistan has recovered significantly but presently ranks below most countries in regards to economic conditions. With the assistance of international aid, Afghanistan today is gradually recovering, but still struggles in its attempts to become self-sufficient.
Standard of Living
Since the end of the Taliban regime, Afghanistan’s living condition have improved progressively, but is yet to achieve any citizen satisfaction. To begin, the average income of a workman has increased by approximately $300 US within the last ten years (“Afghanistan” World Book Encyclopedia 2000 9) with a current GDP per capita of $1054 (“Afghanistan Economy”). In comparison, Canada’s is about $52 thousand, which is exponentially greater. (“Canada”). Though these statistics are an improvement to those during the government takeover. In Khaled’s fiction, Amir travels back to Afghanistan, where he learns that dedicated workers “haven’t been paid in over six months” because there really was no one to pay them (Hosseini 270). Food is available through agriculture in rural areas, and in urban areas the average amount spent monthly is approximately $2.20, barely sufficient for a family (Hogg et al. 9). Water is more abundant seeing that 60.6% of the population can access a drinkable source, but those who cannot often live in rural areas (“Afghanistan” CIA Factbook). Typically men provide for families since only 12.6% of woman are literate. This leaves females with few job opportunities, as they face the prejudice of Islamic customs that prevent them from working (“Afghanistan”). Nevertheless, today woman still do have a chance in contrast to 2001 when “The Taliban prohibited women to work” (Weinbaum). This is a primary reason most children were orphaned during that time, displayed when Amir visited an orphanage back home, learning that many of the children are there since “their mothers can’t feed them because the Taliban don’t allow them to work” (Hosseini 266). At that time, parents were a commodity, which few children had. In present day, electricity is just as rare even though...

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