Economy’s Impact On The Pharmacy Industry

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The recession caused nearly eight million jobs to be lost in the past few years and it is estimated to take up to the year 2015 for unemployment rates to decrease (Saporito and Van Dyk). The shaky economy is reason to wonder what may be of job prospects, more specifically in the pharmaceutical job field, in the years following. Pharmaceutical jobs may or may not be a source of good job opportunity in the next ten to five years. The recent economy and out sourcing of jobs to other countries may limit the work opportunities for hard working Americans. At this point, there are many Americans looking for employment and to increase their incomes or just trying to create an income. An analysis of the economy shows that the outlook for pharmaceutical jobs and pay rates may or may not be prosperous depending upon the amount of impact that is caused.
The pharmaceutical job industry is expected to be a flourishing area of opportunity with only a small amount of uncertainty. Majority of employment is going to be in the pharmaceutical field; therefore, considering an entry into this field may be a wise idea. The idea is exemplified, “employment is expected to increase faster than average. As a result of job growth, the need to replace workers who leave the occupation, and the limited capacity of training programs; job prospects should be excellent” (“Pharmacists”). It is being predicted that pharmaceutical jobs will be in need of employees for several years to come. In the article “Pharmacists”, the author reaffirms the concept “the employment rate is expected to grow rapidly within the years 2008 to 2018 because of the numerous middle-aged and elderly people needing medication” (“Pharmacists”). As people age, their dependency of medication normally increases because of the body weakening; therefore, the importance of pharmacists increases as well. The increase of importance is for high-quality, well capable, and hard working employees. An example is made in an article “A Gap in the Pharmacy” by Gary Filerman, an international health systems expert, and Kathryn Komaridis, who has a master in science, states “The Pharmacy field has a shortage of good effective management leaders that it needs. The job outlook may be more hopeful for people seeking leadership type positions. The jobs do not seem to be as limited as in the previous years. The article “Pharmacists” states that, “there are reports of employers who are having trouble keeping and obtaining pharmacist to work” (“Pharmacists”). A person might speculate where the best place to find a job in the industry might exist, but the article “Pharmacists” answers the question by mentioning that the availability of pharmacists is affecting most all of the states (“Pharmacists”). Not only does the field seem to create a source of opportunity, but the pay rates for the employees may rise with the need. The way the economy has been in the last years may cause a person to be unsure if it can afford to pay certain...

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