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Ecosabotage In Today’s World Essay

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Ecological sabotage of “ecosabotage” is the social movement against the destruction or misuse of our natural earth in the world today. The ecosaboteurs believe that harmful against Mother Earth are varied and happen all around. Actions such as whaling and nuclear war are extreme cases of harmful behavior that is legally permitted, but potentially destructive to our environment; even actions such as pollution and global warming pose threats, although they are not as extreme.

Even though the term is new to me, I know a couple of environmentalist. I feel that ecosabotage is a legal right that Americans and the human race hold. If the wealth and politicians can legally destroy the earth, citizen should be able to prevent this destruction as well. I hold the belief that ecosaboteurs have been saving the world over and over again for years. The suggestion brought up by an ecosaboteurs that ecological misfortune may lead to WWIII seems to be a possibility. With populations increasing and resources declining, conflicting nations may need to fight for the limited resources our world now has, and if ecosaboteurs don’t spread awareness who will?

That is why I believe ecosabotage is a positive practice in the world today. It provides Americans with new information that politicians may decline to share. They are helped to spread awareness on the health of the earth and the importance of using our resources wisely. I do however also understand why some may view the actions of ecosaboteurs as negative. Humans are selfish, and if the destruction of the earth can offer instant gratification (money and lots of it) then the long term problems would be easily ignored by selfish humans. I do not know if I was rich businessman if I could resist the temptation to over use the resource the earth has provided. I would hope that I know...

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